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Richard j Heby Mar 2017
seeing other people get engaged, and knowing
it's *******, you're running amok
with your left hand,
and in your right holding the ring
how long will this last, this *******, face, farce
facade? Until it becomes boring, then back to *******.
Marriage is boring. Case in point.

people that make vlogs and say "what's going on guys?"
because what kind of question is that,
to a non-responsive audience?
What level of loneliness must you live in
that you think that's appropriate? The Internet
is not your friend. I am
not your friend.

Dancing when you don't hear the music
and you want people to see you dancing.
That makes me sad because the music
is the best part, and it's almost as bad as
laughing but you're not really laughing
and you don't get it and maybe someone died
but you don't know that person, though
you want to honor their memory by laughing
so you laugh, and I guess that's not that bad
but without laughter and music, we're animals.
Try me.
Richard j Heby Mar 2017
face down, call you my queen, give you a crown
knock my teeth in, knock my socks off
you can still tell the time, even with a knockoff
let's take a minute, or 30 have a block off
block party, rock harder, fire up the grill get your hands off my garter
if all you want is looking, then take none of this home cooking
if you let me buy you dinner, you can be the winner
of a brand new boyfriend, unshaven and sweating
will be late to our wedding, but make me a man
and by that i mean, can
you turn me around and make me hate drinking,
and thinking, and singing, and emotions with sinking
and stinking—it reeks, show me your cheeks
i'll kiss them by night, and leave in the morning
at least you'll know this:
our life won't be boring
Richard j Heby Mar 2017
can you remember wanting,
otherwise regret is haunting
and the thought of it's over is daunting

the other night i literally fell into a flower bed
and it did not smell sweet, or much at all
i think i broke my nose
putting it where i shouldn't
it's always a power play push and pull touch and tumble
tickle my interest and i'll pick your incense
sometimes sounds surpass *** for sensuality
make a face like you're angry and you're evil
eyes roll back and take it tack it shoot a shot then rack it

everyone wants to say hi
until you say hi, so i get high
the reason why:
promise > reality
so i lie
in disguise
find a fine line
between casanova and creep
riding in a jeep or other 4x4
we hit the floor in a 3x3
went to the sea floor 2x2
noah's angels and all 1x1 have fun
Richard j Heby Feb 2017
will you wrap me gently
tell me that we're meant to be, but
no not you, who wants to
it's true no1 wants the 1 who wants
apathy is ****
caring an affront
Richard j Heby Jan 2017
There are a few things i might say
knowing i would pass today;
though fewer things that i would do
those things are all important too.
But living in the moment we
transcend our world of cruelty,
and past events of tragic loss
the world spins, the trees grow moss.
There is no single thing you’ll find
that can imprison your own mind,
but one thing you should know for sure:
your mind’s a prison, you’re the door.
The key is to stop questioning.
The door’s not locked, you’ll let you in,
for consciousness is all of us
and living, knowing, we’re all dust
is such a happy thought to think,
but sweeter still, a thought to ink.
Richard j Heby Dec 2016
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people>>>> people *******>>> talk people everyone sun >>>screening up spray me, read this>>> *******>>>, some are finding it, but words yelling up over the sound of the wind>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><which aways <<<<changes direction>>>>>> <<<< <<<< <<<< <<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<>>> <<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>v <<<< <<<< <<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but time always goes forward | for us at least.
Richard j Heby Dec 2016
Awaiting wakened words to weep, I find
my cheery voice will speak of suckitash
and other sense, non, recumpense, let’s dance
take off our hands all obligated cash
transactions, work and play, now pay for drinks.
we “pay” for ***, go out on dates, remind,
each other of our names, then fly to France
forget how one another speaks and sinks

into a stew. I add your mother’s salt,
all of it, for the hell of it, with poise
and grace, and the memory of your face.
we make our own breaks, and foot faults, put faults
on others, you always loved tennis and boys
we both said “I love” – having parted ways.
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