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Grab a gun step inside
The Terry Tree
Portland, Oregon    I Am A Spiritual Inspirational Creative Writing Poet & Author Connecting in Love, Higher Power & Sharing in Onement With All. I love meditation and ...
Daisies And Stories
MNL    Writing other people's stories
Nebraska//Alaska    Showcasing my vagabond blues.
New York, New York    Doctoral candidate at Columbia University
PK Wakefield
Serenus Raymone
Cleveland OH    Singer, Songwriter, and Sex Symbol ;-) lol... im 25 years old, Music is my first love!... Ive been thru hell and back! I'm far from ...
Danielle Rose
Fall River    My perspective is my greatest enemy and my only ally.The goal is freedom,freedom from the past and the things I can not change.Half the time ...
Joan Karcher
Poetry to me represents the beauty of emotion, the wisdom of experience, the pain of loss, the sweetness of love and the mystery of life ...

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