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Mar 5 · 424
Bitter Consumption
Levi Amare Mar 5
You were a starving man,
and I was a banquet.

You came and devoured
That which was not yours.

Now not even vultures want a taste.
Dec 2023 · 80
and down i fall
Levi Amare Dec 2023
this is a downward *****
it is steep and unyielding
there are many bumps along the way

i fall, and i fall
the sharp rocks hurt;
now i lay at the bottom,
beaten and bruised.

and then i slip again
Dec 2023 · 249
the gazelle and the lion
Levi Amare Dec 2023
stealing glances, eyes meet midway

one's eyes are bright, yet ignorant
there is a beauty in their eyes,
but there is also uncertainty;
a beauty nonetheless

the other's are bright, but uncaring
misleading with outward beauty,
yet lacking the inward beauty;
a heartless, chilling gaze
Oct 2023 · 97
Levi Amare Oct 2023
i can still feel it
when you touched me        here
         and here

                                                              ­                                          and here
Oct 2023 · 75
Levi Amare Oct 2023
i close my eyes and see his face

       ...i'll never close them again
Oct 2023 · 298
Fear of Abandonment
Levi Amare Oct 2023
My dear, I beg of you...
Do not leave me.
I beg of you...
Do not abandon me,
As so many others have done.

Your heart calls to me,
Can you not hear it?
You're turning away from me.
My love, please...
Do not forget about me.
Oct 2023 · 191
Levi Amare Oct 2023
gentle smiles
hands brushed together
two young hearts
beat in unison
Feb 2023 · 204
Levi Amare Feb 2023
you dont need it
but it creeps up

its never enough
you need to feel
you need the clarity
the feeling of the cut
its easier than feeling
Feb 2023 · 103
Levi Amare Feb 2023
some days it hurts
i beg for it to stop
to go away
but it gets better
the handprints fade
the memories fade
i am healing
Nov 2022 · 788
Levi Amare Nov 2022
my dear
tear me apart
im so fragile
im so small and pure
lay your hands upon me
Mar 2022 · 90
Levi Amare Mar 2022
i'm afraid to be touched.
it reminds me of his hands
the way they took so much
i don't feel like me

i want to scrub my skin
scrub it until
all that's been touched
by him
is gone.

this isn't my body anymore
it's some hollow shell
the body of the little girl
who he took everything from.

why was a door left open
between my legs?

maybe when im older
i can change that.
close that door
that was left open for anyone to enter.
Sep 2021 · 434
Levi Amare Sep 2021
im falling for him
i told myself it wouldnt happen
hes better
deserves better
god what am i doing
Sep 2021 · 153
Levi Amare Sep 2021
sometimes i think
i look at myself
is there such thing as too thin?
Sep 2021 · 65
Levi Amare Sep 2021
ive been gone, havent i?
so much happening
were spiraling again
so much happening
Jan 2021 · 87
who am i?
Levi Amare Jan 2021
i didn't understand
as i looked in the mirror
who was this?
surely it couldn't be me.
Dec 2020 · 66
Levi Amare Dec 2020
they took my blades
they must have seen.
Sep 2020 · 48
losing interest
Levi Amare Sep 2020
he smiled at me
my heart smiled back
i didnt smile
he left.
Sep 2020 · 44
self inflicted
Levi Amare Sep 2020
i look into the mirror
what a sight to behold,
a beaten and battered version of myself
staring back at me
dark eyes showing nothing of what is felt
uneven hair cut with the blade stolen from the kitchen cabinets
nearly dried tears from the thoughts
of none other than

if you were to look a little closer
if you were to dig a little deeper
you can find the remains
of a heart,
shattered by harsh words
and scattered by cruel actions...

words and actions
said and done by myself.
Dec 2019 · 71
Levi Amare Dec 2019
He thought he had me
As he crept through the darkness
He thought he had me
As I trembled in the corner
He thought he had me
As he loomed above me
He thought he had me
As he smiled triumphantly
I knew I had him
As the hilt of the knife stuck out of his chest
Dec 2019 · 72
The Clock
Levi Amare Dec 2019
Tick Tock...
I hear the clock every night
Tick Tock...
I wish it would stop
Tick Tock...
There's ticking in the walls
Tick Tock...
When will this end?
Tick Tock...
I stare at the clock
The clock sounds no more
Dec 2019 · 84
Creatures of the Night
Levi Amare Dec 2019
Darkness is beautiful
If not a disturbing force
It brings death and much more

Some prefer the light
And the happiness it brings
And some prefer the darkness

Yet the darkness welcomes us
We can stay forever here
'Till the dawn arrives,

When we hide from the light
We creep in the dark,
Avoiding the light

Ah, we are the creatures of the night.

— The End —