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Reneeza Feb 2014
Roses are red
The sun is yellow
This makes no sense
Cotton candy and marshmallow.

Roses are red
What color are you?
If I had to choose,
I'd be blue!

Roses are red
The grass is green
This is the best poem
You've ever seen.
Reneeza Feb 2014
I am a mere beginner
I know far less than you
How did I even get here?
I haven't got a clue!
I have goals just like you
But yet, I differ in many ways.
One would be puzzled, I'd say.
So without further ado,
Let me tell you.
The words in this are but a riddle.
More you read, less you know,
More display, less they show.
Oh, wouldn't you like to know?
Reneeza Feb 2014
Less tears and more smiles
Less fights and more laughs
No more sorrow, just joy
No more treating my heart like a toy.
Less separation, more embracing
Less denial, more accepting
No more sleeping alone, I have you
No more wondering what to do.
Less talking and more doing
Less sulking and more living
No more stuck in the past
No more unfinished tasks.
Reneeza Feb 2014
Stifling thoughts of the worst
As I lay here and can't breathe.
You'll never know these things
Not what I want nor what I need.
Fast asleep, you must be in bed
Drowning in wonderful dreams
While my brain throbs in my head.
Emotions flow like endless streams
So refreshing yet so sad to know
You're resting while I'm all alone...
So much affection but no one to show.
In my mind, I see you toss and turn
I hear you moan.
It's like my heart's on fire but it doesn't burn.
Reneeza Feb 2014
Shower me with your wisdom
For I tend to lose it all sometimes.
At least show me some insight.
Tell me that you'll help me get rid of this fright.
Reach your hand out to me
For I can't stand on my own.
Take a walk with me,
Let's go home.
Drench me in your love
And hold me close to your chest
Let me see how far you'd go
'Cause maybe this is just a test.
So show me the light of this life
A dash of love to compliment my world
For I am a love struck girl.
Reneeza Feb 2014
Winter nights and snowy streets
Cold shoulders on a warm bed
Flowing through these pale sheets
Trying to make sense of the words you said.
A noisy subconscious yet silent halls
I drift farther and farther away
Yet I still hear your faint calls
Calling out for me to stay.
Reneeza Feb 2014
Countdown to when I would see you.
Those were the days,
Days that will never come again.
Strangers to lovers then back to friends.
Never again will come those times.
I let go far before you,
I let go far before you even knew.
I'm just saying, I can play that game, too.
Hanging onto a dead branch
Knowing it'll fall at any given time.
A love that was once so divine
Has been battered with the ravages of time.
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