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Reneeza Feb 2014
Its been my birthday
You did not even call
Completely shattered my heart
The hardest fall of all.
I waited for hours and hours
Not a glimpse nor sound of you
Wondering what went wrong
And if all of this were even true.
I stayed there waiting for you
But I'm kind of glad.
I'll be the best you never had.
Reneeza Feb 2014
I feel lost
Then I find myself again.
I think so much
Will I fall asleep again?
Racing heartbeats
A tired body
Cold feet
And a sweet symphony.
All but a quiet night of sleep.
Reneeza Feb 2014
How long will you glue yourself to me?
How long can I even let this be?
How long before you set yourself free?
When will you give it all up?
Do you think you'll ever stop?
I'm tired of playing this game of bunny hop
I'm sick of you playing with my heart
I know forgetting you is just the start
But both of us have to play our parts.
I'd rather watch you walk away and go
I'd rather see, believe, and know
Like a slap in the face,
The truth will hurt.
What's the matter? Can't keep up the pace?
Quicken your steps, catch up!
When I start, I sure don't stop!
To what I started, I'll bring an end
Now there's nothing left to mend
Not a dime left to spend
Not a text left to send
All good things do come to an end.
Reneeza Feb 2014
Take a shot and you start thinking
Take two and sit back
Take another and think some more
Now there's nothing that you lack.
It's like medicine to your body
Finally found a cure
Consumption at its capacity
You've never been so sure.
You feel the effects begin
It's gone into your blood
Traveling through your veins
It's like a ****** flood.
Flooding your mind and soul
Ridding you of all humanely qualities
Begging and pleading for a little more
Just a little more to rid the negativities.
Relaxation at its best
You've now lost control
So lay your fragile body to rest.
Reneeza Feb 2014
Because telling you will never be enough.
Not now, not ever, will it mean a thing to you.
My words fall on completely deaf ears.
From this, a stronger willpower grew.
Maybe I have actually forgotten you.
Reneeza Feb 2014
My life is the world and you fell off Earth
Strayed from a clean path and into the dirt
Did you honestly think that would hurt?
My heart is the riddle and you're clueless
Trying to decipher but you're totally useless
Did you really think I would be so careless?
My mind is the book in which you play no role
Seek a confidante, for you I cannot console
Did you seriously  think I'd keep your secrets untold?
Reneeza Jan 2014
To inhale a love so deep is to drown oneself in sorrow
Eating up all that you've conjured up inside
Living in the moment, not thinking about tomorrow
Succumbing to emotions, neglecting your pride.
They say everyone becomes a poet at the touch of love
But how true is it when all that once was is now gone?
Looking for answers, you look up above
But now all you do is just wait, wait for a new dawn.
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