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I thought that I knew
Who I was supposed to be,
But then I met you
And it was electricity.
I never understood
Being lost in someones eyes,
But when you look at me
Im completely hypnotized.
You cast a spell on me,
One that I cant explain.
You are passion and beauty
Our love cant be contained.
Light shining down
But its too bright to see
The warm air surrounds
But it feels cold to me

Time moves on
Seasons change
The world spins around
But the past remains
Work in progress. Its been a minute since Ive been inspired😅
I feel like I’m losing my mind
The dark reaches deep inside.
Further with every step
I’m falling into the abyss.
My world has faded to black.
My heart is under attack.
Your words cut like fire and I
Am losing my will to survive.
World crashing in
Breath becomes shallow
A soul once alive
Now nothing but a shadow
Looking for inspiration but didn’t wanna lose this. To be continued... (:
I wish you didn't have to go.
You left so soon.
We had so much left to explore,
So much living left to do.
You were my best friend,
My partner in crime.
Life without you feels empty
And it hurts all the time.
I lay awake at night feeling so afraid,
Worried that its my fault
That you went away.
I brought you in to that life,
And then left while you stayed.
I went away to college
While you partied your days away.
I wish I could've been there
To have prevented the worst;
But now you are gone,
And this world feels cursed.
The worst lies
Are the lies we tell ourselves.
Meaning to declare something as untrue.
Was the only thing I had left
To latch onto.
Was my only friend.
I'm a dreamer with no destination,
Looking for a place called home.
I follow the map of the stars,
Looking for a place to rest my heart.
I follow the sound of his voice,
Leading me to a place of love.
I follow my Heavenly Father,
Who is looking out for me above.
And I will follow what I need
Until one day, I can lead.
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