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Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2019
Paris, Moscow, Berlin, New York, London,
City of angles where the poor are abandoned,

In a windswept corner of a merciless winter street,
The discarded soul of a divided nation sleeps,

This man is a forgotten mother's human jewellery,
He lounges on the concrete pillow of rich cruelty,

A blanket of cold wraps around his exposed feet,
Torn clothes flapping over another statistical tragedy,

He sleeps beyond the smears and headlines of hate,
The hymns of hope and light arrived way too late,

No one will remember his voice or fading songs,
For he is from the tribe of the invisible broken ones,

Their stories and brief lives brutalized by silence,
Once, they were a part of life's cosmic balance,

There is a war being waged upon the human soul,
A battlefield littered with bloodstained begging bowls.
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2019
In a world becoming colder,
More divisive and torn,

Speak to each other,
Heal and inspire the children,

Plant the trees of life,
Bask in the light of the Beloved.
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2019
They who wear the loud words of power,
Littering our world with political hatred,

Their infertile poison withers our land,
They harvest insidious seasons of violence,

Choke our rainbow flavoured nation no more,
No more,

It is time to plant the seeds of human peace,
Let the soil be enriched with love and hope,

Rest and remember the days of humanity and light,
In these fields of autumn's last gold a soul dreams.
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2019
The Truth gets crushed,
Twisted and distorted,


Brother Malcolm knew,
He knew, he knew,

Enough of the division and hate,
Unite for new hope and change.
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2019
From the heights of freedom's songs,
Seated upon a throne crafted by time,

The plague of war wasting away nations,
Through this darkness a glimmer of light,

The Beloved's uncaged domain,
Solitude breathes over the soul,

A bird sang and a song was heard,
The delicate music so still and lyrical,

Peace was the precious melody,
Glittering unity for one and all.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2019
The seasons of earthly existence,
Breathing in the colours of humanity,

The spirit of autumn light glows,
Over the green and gold,

One day, upon the oceans of time,
Humanity will dance to the Beloved's song,

A lyric written at the dawn of awakening,
It shall release all glittering souls.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2019
Treat your fellow human beings with warmth,
With compassion and with understanding,

Be patient and listen to their words,
Give them support and give them hope,

They hunger for the balm of acceptance,
Each day for them is a battle for existence.
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