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In the soul of her aura glittered compassion,
Soft eyes, where the lustre of life sweetly smiled,
Her hypnotic lips radiant petals of contemplation,

Every fragrant word she spoke swam upon the air,
The melody of a lilting heart in the fields of freedom,
Her devotion danced upon starlit rays of the cosmos,

Tenderness tingled upon her delicate fingertips,
And pure joy twinkled from deep within her core,
Light, serenity, and humanity swirled around her.
3d · 21
The Broken Days
Wipe away the pain of the weeping soul,
My Black and White world,
The walls of separation will crumble
And hatred shall be no more,
A day of light and healing will dawn,
Our world will know hope.
Peace is the name of my Beloved,
Mercy is the message of my Beloved,
Humanity is the passion of my Beloved,
Come all you broken ones to my Beloved,
You shall walk free in the land of my Beloved.
Farrokh Bulsara was his earthy birth name,
From the exotic sultanate of Zanzibar he hailed,

He crossed continents fleeing unrest and violence,
A refugee boy seeking sanctuary to Britain he came,  

His talent and passion was to unite one and all,
Bismillah! He rhapsodised in the name of God,

The world came to know him by another name,
Freddie Mercury written all over records and stages,

Remember him too as the lad who arrived here,
An outsider, a traveller, a refugee, a human being.
O, my beautiful cosmic light, my eternal Beloved,
Peace for the ravaged, forgotten and unloved,

Grant us the days of sweet summer serenity,
The songs and sounds of brotherhood and unity,

I pray for the silence of the guns and broken bones,
No more roar of infernal damnation and death drones,

Revenge leaves the world hollow, skinned and stolen,
Let us remember the poor, erased, apocalyptic fallen,

O, my radiant lord of mercy, love and humanity,
Give us this day a memory of times without calamity.
O, my eternal Beloved,
Let my invaded nation heal,

They came with greed and rage,
Leaving behind fire and blood,

No more imperial armies,
May my sacred borders run free,

End the apocalyptic division,
We are one in life and hope,

See us, hear us, know us,
Understand our words of love,

Salaam Alaikum,
Peace be upon you.
Another day of stone cold deafening silence,
The voiceless ones whisper their words on paper,
Their truth barbecued by insidious censorship,

Make a dua, make a prayer, make a promise for peace,
Speak for those whose homes were stolen in the daylight,
Ask for justice for the children who will never breathe again,

Pray for us, pray for them, pray for me and you, pray for all,
Let there be a day of love and healing for the forgotten,
Remember them in the dying of another censored day.
In the darkness and murky barbarism of the times,
Search for the light of hope, healing, and humanity,
Each day reveals jewels that enrich the human soul,
Bask in the beauty and grace of the eternal Beloved.
There was a day
and there was a time,
There was a flame
and there was a word,

They wrote this
and they wrote that,
They screamed fear
and they knifed hope,

It was before the light
and it was after the dark,
It was neither this
and it was neither that,

Know the coming of the wave
and learn to understand it,
There will come the hour of truth
and the hour of all accounts,

It will come at the rising of the tides
and it will dawn before midnight,
It will come for me
and it will come for you,

Upon this day remember light
and remember unity,
Reach out towards the Beloved
and reach out to love and life.
Nov 2020 · 81
Bone Lullaby
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2020

"Yes, my baby?"

"Mommy! Did you hear that sound?"

"What sound, my dear?"

"It's under our bed, Mommy!"

"Don't worry, it's only Daddy's dead bones rattling…"
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2020
In a world drowning in division and the song of chaos,
There is a reservoir in fields deeper than human thought,
Her strength is a summer's cooling tidal wave in the rain,

In those mystical soulful eyes a fire sings of human unity,
A radiance rare shimmers in the waterfall of her hair,
She has known the lilting lyrics of love's eternal glance,

Battles and wars dance and rage across a heartless world,
But she fuels existence with the universal colours of life,
Her lips write the melody of truth for those without voices.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2020
We worshipped the false egg,
Chocolate money bunny,

The message of the Beloved was deeper,
Deeper and richer,

The message once sang of peace,
It was the very melody of humanity,

Long ago it was,
Before the coming of greed's fatal virus,

We were brothers once,
And we shared the blessed message,

Remember hope,
And celebrate love.
Apr 2020 · 107
The Isolation of Humanity
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2020
The message was not myth or folklore,
The message, my friends, was much more,

Religion, faith, belief, and more,
It was this before the disease of war,

A world crowned by viral thorns,
Compassion crucified for the devil's horns,

A plague of pure greed infects existence,
This man crafted plague stalks social distance,

Man long ago isolated the Beloved's truth,
This he used to herd us from the days of youth,

We are one, my friends, we are one,
Now comes the hour for holding true as one.
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2020
In a fragmented existence,
Where nations are fractured,

Fear and lies are peddled far,
And truth gagged and jailed,

The disease is man made,
Confusion and greed too,

Let the people live and breathe,
Open wide the gates of healing and humanity.
Feb 2020 · 121
Life in a Kiss
Rangzeb Hussain Feb 2020
Oh, my Darling, my Darling,
Our purple passion rises, rises,
Your heart beats faster, faster,
My desire burrows deeper, deeper,

Both bodies warm, warm,
Fingers tracing, tracing,
I embrace you tightly, tightly,
Your breath sings, sings,

"Now," you whisper, whisper,
"Yes," I ******, ******,
"Faster," you gasp, gasp,
"Here I come," I pump, pump,

I rapidly withdraw, withdraw,
Sweating and pulling out, out,
I peel off the sheath, sheath,
And make myself ready, ready,

I aim my shaft hard and true, true,
Over your peacock feathers, feathers,
Thick lava spirals out hot, hot,
Settling in your bellybutton, bellybutton,

Your index finger dances, dances,
It swirls in the creamy pool round, round,
You trace across my glistening juices, juices,
The light in your eyes smiles, smiles,

You use my salty ink as lipstick, lipstick,
My liquid sparkles across your sweet lips, lips,
I lean over and come in close, close,
And upon your wet syrupy lips I kiss, kiss,

In that moment I taste life's bliss, bliss,
Two souls become as one, one,
Our hearts tasting love and peace, peace,
Our song embroidered upon stars, stars.
Dec 2019 · 166
The War Crime of Poverty
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2019
Paris, Moscow, Berlin, New York, London,
City of angles where the poor are abandoned,

In a windswept corner of a merciless winter street,
The discarded soul of a divided nation sleeps,

This man is a forgotten mother's human jewellery,
He lounges on the concrete pillow of rich cruelty,

A blanket of cold wraps around his exposed feet,
Torn clothes flapping over another statistical tragedy,

He sleeps beyond the smears and headlines of hate,
The hymns of hope and light arrived way too late,

No one will remember his voice or fading songs,
For he is from the tribe of the invisible broken ones,

Their stories and brief lives brutalized by silence,
Once, they were a part of life's cosmic balance,

There is a war being waged upon the human soul,
A battlefield littered with bloodstained begging bowls.
Dec 2019 · 185
Winter's Warm Tidings
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2019
In a world becoming colder,
More divisive and torn,

Speak to each other,
Heal and inspire the children,

Plant the trees of life,
Bask in the light of the Beloved.
Nov 2019 · 107
The Fall of a Nation's Soul
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2019
They who wear the loud words of power,
Littering our world with political hatred,

Their infertile poison withers our land,
They harvest insidious seasons of violence,

Choke our rainbow flavoured nation no more,
No more,

It is time to plant the seeds of human peace,
Let the soil be enriched with love and hope,

Rest and remember the days of humanity and light,
In these fields of autumn's last gold a soul dreams.
Nov 2019 · 89
The Salvation of Unity
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2019
The Truth gets crushed,
Twisted and distorted,


Brother Malcolm knew,
He knew, he knew,

Enough of the division and hate,
Unite for new hope and change.
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2019
From the heights of freedom's songs,
Seated upon a throne crafted by time,

The plague of war wasting away nations,
Through this darkness a glimmer of light,

The Beloved's uncaged domain,
Solitude breathes over the soul,

A bird sang and a song was heard,
The delicate music so still and lyrical,

Peace was the precious melody,
Glittering unity for one and all.
Oct 2019 · 188
An Autumn Hymn for Humanity
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2019
The seasons of earthly existence,
Breathing in the colours of humanity,

The spirit of autumn light glows,
Over the green and gold,

One day, upon the oceans of time,
Humanity will dance to the Beloved's song,

A lyric written at the dawn of awakening,
It shall release all glittering souls.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2019
Treat your fellow human beings with warmth,
With compassion and with understanding,

Be patient and listen to their words,
Give them support and give them hope,

They hunger for the balm of acceptance,
Each day for them is a battle for existence.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2019
The trees of summer fade away,
Their songs whisper upon the air,

Nations withering under occupation,
The lust grows for the earth's lifeblood,

There is no profit in war and invasion,
Only loss, deep and heavy,

Remember this, O Man,  
The seasons of existence are a circle,

The touch of life is light itself,
These bare branches will blossom again,

The Beloved's kingdom will glitter and pulse,
And the light will glow across us all.
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2019
We floated, we floated,

We sailed upon the waters of summer,
Carefree days,

Out there, across the banks of memory,
We shimmered and smiled,

The passing of decades shall not age us,
We brothers shall live on,

The ages may come and go,
The years may clog up our streets and homes,

Yet we shall never fade,
Our moment will ripple ever on upon the light,

Our lives are brief, so brief,
But we shall never fear the coming of the night,

This water, this boat, this moment,
This is home.
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2019
There was a time, O my Brothers, there was a time,
It was an age when we all played and shared together,

It was our time, it was our space,
And we kids explored the gardens and parks,

Running up hills, fishing in ponds,
Paddling in pools, and playing with puppies,

It was a time, O my Brothers, when time belonged to us,
We had time to spend and freely play,

Black or White, Christian or Muslim,
We knew the bond of true brotherhood,

In those fields of summer we screamed and sang,
Memories warm, and memories immortal,

No cars, no computers, no mobiles, no social media,
We had more, much more, we had the fields of summer,

We had a childhood without borders, flags, or fences,
This soil beneath our feet is where we spent our youth.
Sep 2019 · 231
Her Flowers Are Her Dreams
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2019
High up on a summer's day three roses did fly,
Each rose woven with a prayer for humanity,
Three roses, three dreams, three wishes,

First, a prayer of unity for the broken nations,
Second, a prayer of peace for a world polluted by war,
Third, a prayer of love for one and all,

The red maiden, summer's dazzling light,
She dances and sails on a sea of green,
A living and radiant flower.
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2019
In these fields of humanity's fragrant summer,
For a delicate moment she pauses and contemplates,

Upon that bridge of time's fading seasons,
She smiles and reflects upon the hope of humanity,

We are all children of the eternal Beloved,
And one day we shall all play freely and be as one,

One family, one nation, one world, one love,
And hate shall be but a distant memory.
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2019
The last red rose of the lilting summer,
Contemplating the delicate memory of the Beloved,

Water cool and rippling as the dawn of time,
The memories woven with shimmering dreams,

She hopes for a world without fear or judgement,
She longs for the lost songs of a fading humanity.
Rangzeb Hussain Aug 2019
For EL Paso,
For Ohio,
For Hope,

For those who lost their lives to Racism,
For those who lost their lives to Bigotry,
For those who lost their lives to Hate Crime,

For You,
For Me,
For us All.
Jul 2019 · 65
Unity in the Lines
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
Black in the White,
White over Black,
United humanity lines,

Leaders try and divide,
Pitting race against race,
Colours ripped apart,

And in that sea of anger,
A spirit smiles and shines,
Unity is her sparkling song.
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
In the halo of a secluded summer's stone,
A hush,
A stillness under the shade of slumbering trees,

This was life, living and breathing,
Singing too,
Now, only the weeping silence,

A name etched upon a fading headstone,
Fingerprints and memories withered away,
Upon the summer's light it still glimmers,

Nature's tender embrace soothes broken stone,
Curling and wiping away the past,
Death shall never darken the songs of life.
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
The season of light,
Of blue skies
And yellow curved flowers,

Let no one bring darkness
Or dread lies to the world,
Their war of words consumes mercy,

Smile and unite in times of hate,
Stand proudly with a shared humanity,
Make the music that ignites the soul.
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
To ride upon a steed where dreams flow upon freedom's highways,
The eyes of the world watching from painted man made veils,

Her voice shall never be silenced or suppressed by false knights,
In her veins the song of life sways to the rhythm of her heart,

Those storms that rage in the printed ink of the newspapers,
And the daily lies and stereotypes flashing across television screens,

None of them will breach the fortress of her inner peace of mind,
Inside, in the tranquillity of her soul, she swims in the seas of serenity.
Jul 2019 · 49
Love Without Words
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
On the music of a summer's day a message floated,
High up it drifted upon the breath of the eternal Beloved,

Our world stands upon the lonely crossroads of life,
The message of humanity balanced upon the edge,

No more darkness, no more hatred,
No more division, no more racism,

We need no words or false speeches and promises,
The mercy we want is as weightless as a nightingale's feather,

All of us, black or white, we are passengers without borders,
Our hearts pulsating beautifully for a brief moment,

And then, in the fading of the silent years,
We become a memory upon a summer's day.
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
Life, on freedom's open highways,
The wind rushing through my hair,

Speed, dancing through the days,
The music tingling my soul,

Me, a rider upon the Beloved's Path,
The truth unleashes my strength.
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
The constant waves of an uncertain era,
Headlines confused with stale paranoia,

Switch off the media,
Silence the social lies,

In the gift of a warm season take delight,
All pain is but a shadow in the closing of a day.
Jul 2019 · 137
A Day, Remembered
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
In the days of summer
And the harvest of autumn,

Remember the smiles of light,
Remember the days of humanity,

And remember the mercy of the Beloved,
We are the children of hope and light.
Jun 2019 · 121
The Fragrance of Mercy
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2019
It was spoken, at the birth of time,
And the purest of words it was,

The Beloved's eternal message,
Humanity as one, love for all,

In those summer days of light,
The message was mercy,

Speak, and smile, say the words,
Sing of the song of peace,

Once, at the birth of time,
The Beloved cradled us all.
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2019
There will always be the darkness at the edge of days,
Fear it not,

Remember the light upon the sacred bridge of the world,
Swirling upon the precipice,

Steel ribs and concrete muscle, a building decays and dies,
Watch how life still shines,

There she contemplates the Beloved's light at the close of day,
Each movement praises the Merciful,

This is her dance, this is her wish, this is her hymn to humanity,
This is her.
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2019
The light glittered and the season smiled,
Summer gold, life's stories richly told,

Peace and mercy, love too,
The ways of the eternal Beloved,

No more pain, no more division,
Unity for all, hope for all,

In the valley of dark and light,
Always lean towards the light.
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2019
Wash away the downpour of pain,
Let the ache left by false leaders ebb far away,

Make that call to the smiling season of summer,
Bright light of the Beloved's eternal mercy,

Step into the parlour where dreams are heard,
These are the moments from the pages of memory.
Rangzeb Hussain May 2019
There will be days of darkness and unrest,
The land coughing sick with worry,

Leaders barricaded behind dark doors,
Ignoring the writing upon the walls,

On those days bask in the Beloved's mercy,
Stand there by the golden doors of light,

Let pain and fear ebb away to distant shores,
Drink in the sweet nectar of existence,

Heal and nourish the soul with life's glow,
Paint each day with humanity's eternal rainbow.
Rangzeb Hussain May 2019
In the late daylight a symphony of blades,
Angel wings encrusted with silent grief,

Too many lives lost,
Too many lives wept away,

O, my Lord of Mercy and Light,
Grace our world with hope,

We pray for the days of peace,
Let light and love wash away all pain.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2019
Your writing lit up the imagination,
Deeply human tales full of passion,
Full of life and love,
Death too,
Death upon the lonely highways of the world,
Yet even in death, you gave us hope,
The spirits of your characters lived on,
And you shall too,
Your stories will live ever on,
Thank you for the emotional magic,
Blessings be upon your soul.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2019
Ravens flutter over branching headlines of hate,
One merging into another, day after day,
The same terrifying narrative of suspicion and fear.

Souls locked inside landscapes of ignorance,
Never quite escaping the dangerous fog of lies,
From every angle the victims suffer accusations.

She, the lady of the night’s eternal truth, she rules,
For her the moon of midnight is her crown,
Her words are the words of the silent pearls.

Darkness and prejudice cannot prevail in her kingdom,
She harvests the milk from the mountains of harmony,
Drink in her sweet dance, and remember the songs of life.
Apr 2019 · 83
The Scent of Humanity
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2019
The blanket of the Beloved’s light above me,
The soft grass of solitude my bed beneath me,

All around me the darkness of intolerance,
All around me it circles and prowls, closer it comes,

I have no fear of those who try to hurt me,
I have no hate for them, nor any venom,

My dreams roam in the valleys of eternity,
In those faraway fields my spirit soars freely.
Apr 2019 · 67
Contemplation of a Soul
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2019
O, my Lord of Light and Reason,
Bestow upon me the fragrance of peace,

No more pain and division,
No more war and suspicion,

Shine the mercy of friendship on all nations,
Give us the days of summer’s rainbow rains.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2019
The ink of the headlines point jagged accusations,
Daily, day after day, hour after hour they shoot blame,
On the news, in the interviews, a spotlight for hate,

People divided into starkly marked camps,
Us and Them,
With Us or Against Us,

They give oxygen to the voices of intolerance,
Casting the shadows of suspicion and fear,
Friends and families huddled in camps of confusion,

In a silent place a soul looks for the Beloved’s light,
Praying for peace, hoping for acceptance,
Deliverance is the pattern of her prayer.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2019
O, my Beloved, Lord of the Worlds,
Your light of life graces our existence,
Maker of All, Giver of Hope, the Almighty,

The golden hour of the day is here,

Out there, in the bones of the cold stones,
Built by working men long gone,
Their fingerprints still linger in history,

We shall remember their cemented art,

In this palace of memories comes a princess,
From far distant sands of humanity’s colours,
She dances her passion in this serene arena,

In the solitude of the light a bird flutters her wings.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2019
Bricks from a bygone era,
Eyes of glass gazing from times past,

Under a vast landscape of history,
There dances the heart of humanity,

Pulsating, throbbing, alive, a soul in rapture,
In tune with the Beloved’s eternal melody.
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