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Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2010
The webs of time begin to unwind,
Milky Way universe of darkness,
Blackest night with a billion eyes,
I seek one grain of sand
To show you
That it cannot be done
‘Ere a million years have trickled

Destiny rides a mare darker than white,
Tragedy is the name of the mace,
I am struck by the force of ferocity,
Offspring of glorious Mother History proudly parade
Before the victorious Time Lords,
In the reflection of an eye
I have seen a golden cage which holds
A weeping nightingale,
Her purple tears rain silently onto the dry rivers of time,

In the time of bones
Will wires entwine with metal flesh,
It will be in the years
When the universe will digest time
And spew backwards into the past,
Fear it
This storm form the sands of time,

Mysterious mistress mine might not you reveal all to me?
The secrets of your seductive silvery silken
Velvet creation
Through the time tunnels,
I see the face of light approaching towards me
With outstretched fingers (or are they claws?),
Water (or is it poisonous slime?) drips from the wet body,

I watch old Father Time drag his wizened
Body across the deserts of life,
His mistress the Second
Crawls on her stomach,
She painfully travels over the savage landscape of rocks,
Dry thorns, arid sand dunes, without even saliva
To balm her swollen tongue and chapped lips
(But I must tell all, for in truth, she had blood from her
Cracked lips to soothe her thirsty tongue
Under the shade of the boiling sun
Each Second melts to give dry births to form
Minutes which carry the children of the Hour
Who grow up in Days
To marry Weeks which results in the creation of Months
Which eventually leads to the growth of Years,
This cycle eventually reaches a finale with the
Birth of Death,
The family of Time, watchmakers all,
From dawn to dusk
Chimes of Death do tick,


©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2011
On that dread day,
when innocent babes in arms
were torn screaming from the ******* of their mothers,
when the old and infirm were lined up
and had their spines snapped by high velocity bullets,
when the refugee camps ran red
with the slippery blood of voiceless victims,
when the sky itself wept and wailed,
on that dread day a nation bargained away
and lost its precious soul.
Peace and love died on that dread day.

©Rangzeb Hussain
In memory of the innocent civilians who were massacred in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps on September 16th 1982. Their dreams of hope, peace and love live on.
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2010
We must build
the twin towers of




in our hearts...
lest we forget
and in blind ignorance
fuel and flame the fateful fires of




©Rangzeb Hussain
Dedicated to the memory of those we lost on September 11th 2001 and to all the innocent lives lost in the last decade.
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2015
Christian, Jew, Muslim,
And Human,
This was a city of Humanity,
All rested and shared here.

We all played here.

Israel, Palestine, Earth,
And flesh and bone,
This was a city of Unity,
All sang and worshipped here.

We all held hands here.

Stones, bullets, drones,
And weeping mothers,
This was a city of Peace,
All fruits and flowers here.

We all ate here.

Anger, violence, fire,
And putrid lies,
This was a city of Truth,
All spoke and respected here.

We all listened here.

Before I was Jerusalem,
Before I was Palestine,
Before I was Israel,
I was a child here.

*We are all forgotten here.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2011
"...and the Angel of Truth did walk through the land of dread,
Upon the sacred road of Freedom she without fear treads,
No man, no law, no system dare stop her soft footsteps,
The way forward freely littered with war's treacherous traps,
One fine day Peace and Beauty will finally have cause to smile,
On that day their marriage will give wings to Freedom's child..."
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2012
A city contained in a cage,
A cage creaking in a cell,
A cell crammed in a prison,
A prison stagnating in a city,
A city boiling in a country,
A country trapped on an island,
An island sinking in an ocean,
An ocean rising in a world,
A world drowning in the black milk of the universe,
A universe without hope or end,
An end without mercy or end...
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2012
A day will dawn…

And we, the born, will learn to mourn,
All of us, black or white, north, south, east or west,
We have a common thread that links us all…

A mother…

We will look to the skies and our eyes will swim,
Our hearts will brim with feelings warm
And our minds will sink in memories made from material rarer than gold,

She was there when we first stepped into our first schoolroom,
She was there to warm us in the frozen heart of a pale white winter,
She was there to cool us in the volcanic lava of a scorching hot summer,

There is a chill that cuts deeper than the kiss from winter’s lips,
It will come to us all soon enough and peel away our false smiles,
The autumn branches of this life already twist and hold us in an iron grip.

Once upon a sleepy Sunday some of us ran here and there,
We fetched flowers made from paper and petals, lightly sprinkled with perfume,
Little did we know that all that was needed was always right here,

All we had to do was reach out,
Touch and hold,
Embrace and softly say…

“Love you.
Always have.
Always will.”

Those who know do so and say so with eyes and ears,
From the lips all the way down to fingertips and toes too,
They have no need for chocolates, roses or man-made greeting cards,

She was special, her life a magical miracle of the divine,
She was mother to me and mother to you
and remember too a woman is mother to all of mankind,

A wife to her husband,
A mother to her children,
And an angel of the Almighty.

A woman.
A mother.
A friend.

I miss her so much…
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2010
Read me and weep

You carrion crows


Beware the lies of truth!

Leave my tree of tears

For this is my song

And my tale is yet to be told.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
In the days of summer
And the harvest of autumn,

Remember the smiles of light,
Remember the days of humanity,

And remember the mercy of the Beloved,
We are the children of hope and light.
Rangzeb Hussain Feb 2016
There was Love,
and there was Trust,
and there was a child of Hope,
Peace glittered upon the jewels of Life.
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2019
O, my Lord of the Worlds,
Wash away the media’s inky suspicion and division,

Our world lost peaceful souls at prayer,
Plucked by a poisonous worshipper of hate,

Bring us the dance of light and unity,
Let our days be filled with humanity’s music.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2010
For they see and read not,
For they read and know not,
For they know and act not,

For they act and be false,
For they are false and be deceitful,
For they are deceitful and be ungrateful,

For the time is near at hand now,
For the hand of life grows old,
For the old do hold the hand of death,

For it was long ago said,
For it was said and also written,
For it was written and now it shalt be so...

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Feb 2013
There are angels buried in gravestones
And devils carved into human souls,

Under the marble crawls the tail of a serpent
And the death of life is scaled across its back.

There is a signature etched into her bones
And a stale message hums a storm in her veins,

At the dusk of another fast dying day she weeps
And grief scratches through the doors of her heart.
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2019
Wash away the downpour of pain,
Let the ache left by false leaders ebb far away,

Make that call to the smiling season of summer,
Bright light of the Beloved's eternal mercy,

Step into the parlour where dreams are heard,
These are the moments from the pages of memory.
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2010
My rooted feet are caked in blood brown mud
yet my head gazes upon the wonders of the rainbow sky,
I offer up my prayers with thorny crowned palms
and wait as the seasons savagely storm those who have died,
The years of hate have arrived all very calm,
Behind them lie the gliding galleons of well oiled gold.

O hear my pain of wingless hope,
Gales blast me,
Hail crushes,
Tears deeply drawn from the depths of a dead headstone
are soon licked dry by the Sun’s passionate caresses,
My land burns and drowns in War’s choking smoke.

Red as the early song of dawn’s new dew
is my dream this music of black swans bleeding chants of healing,
My petals shiver and away they float leaving me bare and exposed,
Here I am then, pure as the day I was recklessly seeded,
My life balanced upon the kiss of a crushed nightingale’s hopes,
Hearts of diamond stones my graveyard beyond yonder due.

Where be the desire of Valentine which once tore into St. Sebastian
upon the scorched red Roman rust behind the Coliseum’s hated gates?
No rose dares grow there,
Trojan Cassandra looked to the sightless fates
and see how mercilessly they dealt her,
My roots forever ****** to be fertilized upon coffined carcasses.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Aug 2016
In the midnight light
Lightening seeks a searching soul,

Embers of dreams glow
From the dark pools of the eyes,

Silent music shimmers
And ripples over symphonic lips,

The spirit of Freedom
Lives on the pages of a new day.
Rangzeb Hussain Feb 2011
I huddled into my collars and looked to the sky,
The day was overcast with yesterday’s lies,
The wind ripped through the streets and sang pain in my ears,
The clouds above heavily pregnant with tears,
On such a dark and cold day...
My eyes beheld a sight full of radiating rays.

Striding down the street in a landscape very urban
was a youth dressed in a gentle green turban,
His white salwar and kameez caressed by the air,
His fresh face beaming shining and clear,
And upon his lips and around his chin
curled a beard neatly combed and oiled from top to rim.

He walked with the confidence of a vibrant caliph,
I did for a moment in my mind stop and marvel at his belief,
This young man was such a contrast to the dark day,
He displayed brilliance and integrity and trod upon truth’s way,
He seemed one who was at ease with God and his deeds,
What a wonderful ambassador for all races and creeds.

As we two passed I offered up a greeting,
“Asalaam Alaikum”.

His eyebrows rippled and coiled like twin cobras lacking intelligence,
He replied to me with the surly silence of arrogance,
He ignored my universal humanity,
He ignored my peaceful charity,
He ignored my friendship and camaraderie,
He ignored God’s solemn word so rich and full of love’s clarity...

This young man...Who was he?
What did he think himself to be?
He was a stranger to me
and a stranger to himself. Could he not see?
He was a stranger even unto God Almighty Himself,
This self-assured man condemned his soul and lost touch with life itself.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2016
Upon the tides of Easter,
A King was chained to a crown,
And shackled to the cross of ages.

Into Freedom's fields
walked this blessed giver of
miracles and mercy.

Who dares to cage and nail his brother?
Who dares to drill a poor orphan’s soil?
Who dares to cancer the beauty of peace?

Remember Him,
Love Him,
Heed Him.
Rangzeb Hussain Jan 2016
Be the spirit of new hope,
Be calm and be free,
Be happy and serene,
Be the beauty of new born peace,
Be loving and be kind,
Be in touch with the glory of the divine,
Be human,
Be gentle,
Be united,
Rangzeb Hussain Jan 2011
They killed a Man,

They killed a Message,

They Killed a Vision,

They killed a Dream,

They killed universal Peace,


No matter what they do,

The Dream still lives on,

The Dream still marches on,

The Dream still shines on,

The Dream still glows brightly on.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2010
"For the name of The Answer is...

His divine name is...

is the One,
the Forever

To Him
we will all
one day
forever return.

To love
is to know
To know
is to believe
and to believe
is to know

This is the universal love
at the true beating
heart of
Peace and Purity,
Submission and Obedience.

Rejoice in it,
Recite it,
Proclaim it,
Reclaim it
and free it from the
****** clawed talons
the evil cloaked ones,
These false prophets soaked in patriotic flags,
They dare to besmirch
the towering name
of the pure Almighty
across morning’s burning sky,
The name of Illustrious God hijacked
and daily attacked
by these fanatical suicidal firebrands.

Come my people,
You lost tribes of the world,
Let us all hold our hands
and lean towards
Al-’Islām’s pearled valley of the divine,
Let us all drink from this precious cup overflowing with
Mercy too.

Listen to this,
My plea of
Let us to Eden once again
and there plant the rose tree
of our Beloved
Al-Karīm, Al-'Azīm, Al-Khāliq, Al-Mujīb."*

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2016


Fear never knew you,
Hate never knew you,
Anger never knew you,

Love knew you,
Peace knew you,
Charity knew you,

You gave us hope,
You gave us trust,
You gave us unity,

We all know you,
We all love you,
We all miss you,

Be at rest gentle soul,
Be at peace sweet soul,
Sleep the sleep of champions.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2010
Outside the weeping windowpane...

The eyes!

Bloodshot, boiling and bleeding hot...

Veined in Samhain's pagan pain...

Wet with death's desperate desire...

The eyes!

Coiled round and round...

Dripping poison in Halloween's haunted season...

Yellowed, piercing and in evil forever rejoicing...

The eyes!


The eyes are inside!

I have no more dusty dark places to hide...

For the eyes are...

Mine! Mine! Mine!

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2015
Upon fields far from home,
There is blood dripping on poppies,
Young lives harvested before their prime,
Their dreams and hopes seeping into foreign soil.

The sky glows with ***** rage,
Smoke screams upon the stale air,
The fire incinerates the crops of truth,
Darkness reaps a hymn through the foggy fields.

Ravens scavenge for souls,
The petals of truth wilt and burn,
Scars claw through fertile fields of earth,
The teeth of barbarism dig Death’s stinking trenches.

The blood of the Saviour,
High on the highest hill of war,
With nails of rusted meat and bone,
Play the pipes of peace and sing love’s lilting tune.
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2017
A horizon rises with man made towers,
Concrete buildings lacerating the sky,

And through it all nature watches,
The grass of ages blows in the wind of tears,

Man walks in a landscape all alone,
Weeping for the days before the darkness,

So many questions grieve inside the heart,
And a savage silence engulfs the soul of a city.
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2010
My body unshackled
from the smothering confines of nightly fabric,
I lie exposed and unveiled
to the peeping eyes of the ****** night,
The throne of my forested desire
throbs with a pulsating fire,
My body yearns,
It turns here
and there
twisting the silky bed sheets,
I reach for the pillow
press the soft coldness
to my feverish face,
My love for


will never ever ebb,
I want you here
to calm my stormy sensuality,
I am no longer the captain of my libido laden ship,
The wanton crew of my stirring soul is tossed
upon ***** seas,
My sails seep with love's liquid lechery
and my fleshy mast is gorged and passionately perspires,
It stiffly smoulders and itches and rises upright
and the tip drips with aromatic moonlight,
Let me rapidly stroke
and come with all pistons pumping into your curvaceous Chinese port,
Oh, my husky darling, throw wide open your harbour's shapely thighs,
Let me plunge my craving anchor deeply,
Oh! so wet and sweetly,
Let the sultry fireworks of our carnality unify and our universes combine,
Bliss! Oh, how I do so much dream of you,


My tongue is parched,
My ***** lips are dry,
My throat hungrily burns,
Oh! caress me, lick me, kiss me to life,
Offer to me the hypnotic narcotic of your honey
and let me **** upon your delicate dates
moistened with the milky nectar of paradise,
The air of your smooth touch alone
would cool my licentious temperature,
In the dawn I would surely rise
to face the new day
with a wicked smile making merry upon my chaste face.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2016
I am the wrath of inhumanity,
The heart of dead eyed hatred,
I am the devourer of nations,
I will rupture hopes and bones
and strip the magic from dreams,
I swim inside you all.

Mankind stares into the abyss
of madness, chaos, and anger,
It slithers and divides us,
The leviathan of ignorance eyes us,
Something in the dark depths stirs,
It will sink and drown us all.



Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2010
"Pray tell,
what be this strange breeze
that does so gently blow,
so gently does it kiss
my eyes & ears?
Methinks, 'tis the air of my land,
my land so far away,
so far away
over the distant ocean,
I didst this morn wave farewell
to my country
of the green hills and sleeping valleys.
in the weeping of the winter
I shall return to my land
of gentle mists and soft rains..."*

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Jun 2019
The light glittered and the season smiled,
Summer gold, life's stories richly told,

Peace and mercy, love too,
The ways of the eternal Beloved,

No more pain, no more division,
Unity for all, hope for all,

In the valley of dark and light,
Always lean towards the light.
Rangzeb Hussain Feb 2013
My child…

My sweet red rose,
The thorns of life’s wars have not yet marked their scars,
Snuggle next to me,
There, there,
Be warm and let me tell you about a love deeper than time…

In the perfumed halls of Eternity,
Once, when Time was yet an infant,
The Eternal Beloved of all sprinkled Love,
And the purest glittering particles settled
Upon a Mother and her sleeping newly born Child.

And love there was,
True and pure.

My baby, rest easy,
My child, breathe easy,
My son, play easy,
My daughter, sleep easy,
The memory of love will light away any dark dreams.

I have loved life
And I have loved the seasons,
I have loved the scent of beauty
And I have loved God Eternal,
Remember well, my child, my love is always here for you.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2010
Into the eye of


I plunge deep

my sharpest knife of


Another day thus dies...

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2019
The seasons of earthly existence,
Breathing in the colours of humanity,

The spirit of autumn light glows,
Over the green and gold,

One day, upon the oceans of time,
Humanity will dance to the Beloved's song,

A lyric written at the dawn of awakening,
It shall release all glittering souls.
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2019
In the springtime of that dark year of grief and loss,
The light of the Beloved glowed over the world’s soul,
Over the world’s soul,

The darker days of judgement will fade away,
Hate’s darkness will cease to be,
Will cease to be,

The songs of compassion will be heard again,
Our souls shall twinkle in the days of light,
In the days of light.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2010
My soul today in blood did weep,
Shorn are my wings and my head ensnared in necromantic sleep,
For she who I love
have loved
will love,
She silenced me with silence,
The reckless world does cruelly mock and never sees
those without a voice,
There is no freedom in forced choices,
Responsibility, I have been informed,
was yesterday in the sewer drowned,
Thus it is I have learnt
the lesson by being on the crossroad broken and burnt,
My storm flavoured lady
do you really see me as infernal Hades?

"Why hast thou so easily
who would sail the endless
uncharted oceans
at your bidding?"

I was always yours to command,
Your sweet word was my bond,
This night I stand mute by the crest of the craggy cliffs,
All these wrecks were once my dreaming ships,
My life so swiftly nailed
before it could upon the horizon set and sail.

On the windswept crag my mind swirls and aches,
My heart each and every day now hotly blisters and bakes,
One look back do I take
for to glance yet again and slake
my thirst at the fountain of your devastating smile,
You tell me we shall nevermore be reconciled,
Then I am no more!
I plummet to the depths of the foaming shore,
Just a speck in the moonlight,
Carrion crows shall not be denied their delight,
They shall feast upon the carcass of the morrow,
Already thou hast forgot me and my sorrow.

O, my love!
I love you yet, my dove!
****** though I be
and even though my eyes be closed your beauty yet I see!
O, come back to me please
And cut down my corpse from this weeping Judas tree.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2011
"...and upon the distant shores of the moon's forgotten milky coast,
Where the sweet light sways and dances
and shimmers upon your heavenly eyes,
There I shall embrace and hold you,
Oh how our divinely united souls shall dance,
Come sit next to me my gently whispering love,
We two shall caress away all our troubles
and be at peace under the canopy of the stars,
Let the music of the moonlight play our love's serenade for all eternity..."
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2010
There is a crack
in her soul,
She tries to plug up the crack
as her life shyly creeps out,
Her love abandoned her,
He coldly watches her and smiles
when her heart begins to slow,
Her warmth throbs
and her passion ebbs,
Darkness embraces her
and she tastes the fruits of peace.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2010
“...fear me,
for I am the storm bringer,
I will bring forth from mine eyes
the darkness that heralds
the end
time itself...”*

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Nov 2011
This poem was inspired by a photograph taken by Kevin Carter. The photo can be viewed at the following link:

A Prayer for the Forgotten

I weep O Lord, I weep,
I weep for those who have no more tears to weep,
In this world overflowing with wealth
a child should not be left for the birds of carrion,

Look to it now before the hour grows cold,*

Remember well the flapping of the Reaper’s wings,
For on the tolling of the day,
One day now, one day soon,
You too will be snatched away before the break of day.
Rangzeb Hussain Dec 2015
This is what Churchill
and his cabinet did to Dresden,
Total apocalypse,
A city reduced to rubble,
And families burnt to smoking ash.

We are doomed to repeat
the savagery and
barbarism of the past,
Skin and bone,
Glass and broken stones.

Anyone who supports attacks
on fellow human beings,
or defends mass ******,
Or speaks in favour of further bloodletting,
they are truly enemies of the human race.

Our world has suffered for too long,
Those who sell weapons,
You who profit from bullets and ****** bones,
and those who profit from igniting wars,
they are the ones who degrade us all.

What will we tell our children?
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2010

Let not this rare day be dimmed,
Embrace this gift of life gracefully,
Above us rise the true blue skies,
The slow golden hued sun richly glows,
The swaying breeze gently kisses your lips,
Across the land do the birds of the dawn sing a hymn,
This cool blue symphonic pool is the goal of the soul,
Go now and make a special play of this magical day,
Cast away all sorrow for a change will always be born on the morrow.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain May 2010
I wrote to her,
Phoned her too,
Left a text for her,
Sent her a postcard,
Even e-mailed her,



Only the gaping silence
of the deepest chasm,
I am left with


but a memory and a dream,
I think back now to a late Spring morning
when the world's birds sang
and I too sang with them,
It was the music written by her fingertips
across the acres of my now aching soul,
We met and talked through the gallery,
I could smell Summer's fragrance in her red hair
as we walked through room after room decorated
with art from the heart of a bygone time,
I gave her a book of poetry by Christina Rossetti
which made her smile and her voice sparkled,

Shyly, we two parted,
I, too full of fear to say what my heart did feel,
She, too much in awe to say the few words,
The words that would drip colour upon my canvas
with the brightest rainbow yet splashed,
That paint from the brush of her pearl,

I have now only tears that
daily erase the weeping paint of my love,
"My fair maid...
Why must you remain silent?"

Let us bridge this ravine with the diamonds days
which once joined our soul searching minds,
"O, what I would now give
to have those dreaming days back again..."

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2010
King Rat gnawed at the piece of wood for to bite and dine!
God's pure name was inscribed upon the battered sign,
But King Rat continued to snack like it was the flesh of freshly caught cod,

What was this then, maybe Rat was God?

Aha, oh no, but along came slinky Mistress Cat!
So quick and nimble was she, up she snapped and gobbled up fat King Rat,
She licked her lips upon a fallen slab of greasy salty lard,

What was this then, maybe Mistress Cat was God?

Aha, oh no, but along came faithful Master Dog!
Away he chased crafty Mistress Cat into the swampy mired bog,
Hardworking Master Dog surveyed his domain and his tail stood up to attention like a rigid rod,

What was this then, maybe Master Dog was God?

Aha, oh no, but along came Chief Wolf!
He bites and shakes hard into the collar of Master Dog, the neck tears like fleecy wool,
Blood ran down Chief Wolf's chin and he smiled with victory as he sat down by the warm coal road,

What was this then, maybe Chief Wolf was God?

Aha, oh no, but along came the Queen of Fire!
Into Chief Wolf she passionately burns, into ashes was he burnt upon her sultry bed of burning pyre,
The gleaming Queen of Fire burned with glowing glory, there was red life yet in her pulsating bud,

What was this then, maybe the Queen of Fire was God?

Aha, oh no, but along came a river of Mighty Water!
The fiery Queen of Fire hisses and fizzles and soon she is nothing more than steam, all slaughtered,
Mighty Water flows vast and rampant, he rules his oceanic valley just like a pea in a pod,

What was then, maybe Mighty Water was God?

Aha, oh no, but along came a pure-hearted Man!
Very thirsty was he and so away he gulps and guzzles the Mighty Water in the glen,
He channels the Mighty Water to quench his dry farmlands, this was indeed a smart farming lad,

What was this then, maybe Man was God?

Aha, oh no, but along went the Man licking a ripe red cherry ****!
Into the hallowed building of prayer he does go and gently picks up the Rat bitten name of God,
Down falls the Man upon his knees, he prays, he bows, he silently nods, he wishes his soul was resting in the blissful garden of his beloved God,

What was this then? Maybe...




©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain May 2010
Your graceful art
stole my heart,

Your etches and lines
drew the love of the divine,

Your sincerity and elation
sketched the beauty of God’s creation,

Your gentle integrity
made me see the warmth of real beauty,

Your soft tones and purity
overflowed with passion and simplicity,

Your shading from the dark to light
is the way to enlighten,

Your image of a son sitting across a father’s shoulders
was the very essence of love’s labouring soldiers,

Your face of a girl in modest thought
so rich with many details caught,

Your natural talent
in this world is very relevant,

Your fruitful search
will quench your soul’s thirst.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2020
In a world drowning in division and the song of chaos,
There is a reservoir in fields deeper than human thought,
Her strength is a summer's cooling tidal wave in the rain,

In those mystical soulful eyes a fire sings of human unity,
A radiance rare shimmers in the waterfall of her hair,
She has known the lilting lyrics of love's eternal glance,

Battles and wars dance and rage across a heartless world,
But she fuels existence with the universal colours of life,
Her lips write the melody of truth for those without voices.
Rangzeb Hussain Apr 2010
I trace the shape
of a raven's heart

I itch to kiss
my wounded heart

I taste blood red rain
on my tongue's heart

I see a desert eagle
tear open a mother's heart

I bid farewell
to you my broken heart

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Jan 2016
From the crack of cold dawn,
With a wheelbarrow trudging along,
On roads bitten by frost,
He would whistle on his way to work.

This gentle man,
A voice husky with Irish gold,
He would smile and talk,
His kindness for one and all.

One winter’s day, on a crowded bus,
He got up and made room
for my Mother and my Aunt,
He cemented his humanity into all of us.

The local kids knew him,
The streets and roads knew him,
We all knew him,
And he was trusted by all who knew him.

Tonight, the streets are silent,
Tonight, the tarmac is wet with tears,
Tonight, there is a song in heaven,
Tonight, a gentle man has left us.
There's some sad news coming in tonight about a local man from Small Heath who passed away in Heartlands Hospital (formerly East Birmingham Hospital).

'Paddy' Eamon Makneanon was a legend of Small Heath. He would often be seen walking along Green Lane, or Charles Road, or down in Bordesley Green, with his tools piled inside his wheelbarrow at the crack of dawn.

He worked long and hard, and he would often stop and chat with the local people. Everyone knew him, young and old, black or white, he was one of us.

There's a whole generation of kids who grew up with Paddy always in the background of their lives. I would often see him on my way to school, and he was always caring and funny, and he respected everyone.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Rangzeb Hussain Oct 2010
They will look upon me and say –
“There goes one who has become drunk!”

And they will speak true!

For I have gone from tavern to tavern
and in the evening shadows
have I licked the fever of my yearning,
My thirst, this delirious hunger,
It can only be parched and sated by the glorious sight
of my benevolent Beloved,

I look into my liquid glass and spy the fire
of my burning desire,
They who have never loved will never know
what it feels like to embrace the fading twilight,
My Beloved, my eternal love, my moonlight,
Come to me this night and teach me the mystical ways
of the Creator’s starlit delight,

I have become drunk upon the heaven scented milk
drawn from the pure breast of paradise,
This night I shall sleep and dream
in the ***** of the divine Beloved.

©Rangzeb Hussain
Rangzeb Hussain Sep 2019
In these fields of humanity's fragrant summer,
For a delicate moment she pauses and contemplates,

Upon that bridge of time's fading seasons,
She smiles and reflects upon the hope of humanity,

We are all children of the eternal Beloved,
And one day we shall all play freely and be as one,

One family, one nation, one world, one love,
And hate shall be but a distant memory.
Rangzeb Hussain Jul 2019
To ride upon a steed where dreams flow upon freedom's highways,
The eyes of the world watching from painted man made veils,

Her voice shall never be silenced or suppressed by false knights,
In her veins the song of life sways to the rhythm of her heart,

Those storms that rage in the printed ink of the newspapers,
And the daily lies and stereotypes flashing across television screens,

None of them will breach the fortress of her inner peace of mind,
Inside, in the tranquillity of her soul, she swims in the seas of serenity.
Rangzeb Hussain Mar 2014
There is art housed and closed,
It stagnates in museums
Under cold lock and key,
People come and point,
They nod and take notes.

And then there is art right here,
Open and fresh and free,
Look there, right there,
In the darkness eyes glow,
The art of the city embraces us.

Beauty drips from the tunnel wall,
Colour glistens and paint ripples,
This is art wet with the lips of passion,
I heard them say a pop star came here,
I say the street art star is always here.
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