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  Nov 2016 Randhir kaur
Desert Rose
Fluffy puppies all around
Hiding bones underground
Failing to not make any sound

Inside, outside sniffing the air
Of their surroundings they are aware
They don’t do it to give you a scare
They want to show you that they care

Chihuahuas, Chow Chows, corgis too
Enough breeds to fill a zoo

Too many breeds to name
I love them all the same

While every puppy is great
Mine was brought to me by fate
Not a moment too late

My puppy makes my heart full
Life with him is never dull

While my dog may drive me crazy
He is forever my baby
Randhir kaur Nov 2016
I am waiting like a girl waits on the bench of the garden for her beau.
I am waiting like those two cobber wait for the Godot. (Samuel Beckett)
I am waiting like the Merchant's wife does wait for the return of her soulmate. (Ezra Pound)
I am waiting like Taran looks for Amar. (Tum Bin 2)
I am waiting like the peacock does wait for the rainfall.
I am waiting like every successful man gets a pat on his back.
I am waiting for the day to hear not the golden words but my ears are waiting just to hear whether am I as important as you are in my life...
There are beautiful people who did abandoned me then there are those beautiful people to whom I will never meet again because one day I will depart. They have been good to me. Just not good but beyond the kind words of goodness hence beautiful. When I shut my eyes I see those people who have had touched my soul and the edges of my life.And I really owe much to them if I become a successful mother,wife,daughter-in- law most of all a responsible woman. But one thing which I am unaware of is that am I a beautiful person for them?   Am I the only one to thank them? And if they really love me then why aren't they expressing, why aren't they holding my hand and saying that I am important in their life's. Don't they know that we are the servants of God. We are just a guest for a while*
Randhir kaur Nov 2016
-Why are you shedding tears? (raising the eyebrows)
=Why are being dunce? are(choking) departing dear(helplessly).
(The former passing a beam and holding his fingers).
-No,you are being dunce,(by wiping the tears of the latter) my hero. (Embracing).
=I love you(the former heaving a sigh). There you go,your Prince is waiting for you.
Daughter-I love you too Papa (clasping the hand of her partner,took a seat in the car,bidding farewell and the matrimony ends).

Poetry technique-Colloquy.
Randhir kaur Oct 2016
He said, 'I can watch your dedication but not your duty,
With tight lip I stood there making d morning more silent...
He said, 'You love your work because your respect beauty,
In a blub way I resumed with Adam lily calmly to nascent...
He said, 'I love these flowers because it is a symbol of peace,
I inhaled d fragrance with a woe thought that it is also a symbol of love, He said, 'Which is d thing I swine the most'? ? ?
Turning my face n saying, 'The plucking of flowers, will it cease'? ? ?
He said none, looked in my eyes with my problem unsolved,
It is a reason to smile, same time, I am groaning cause its branch is my stove, my life of worst...
Randhir kaur Oct 2016
Some are blue with hits,
Some are dumped in *****,
Some where there is black-white conflicts,
Some are breaking the wall of heart brick by bricks...
No remedy to cease it,
Because zilch can be it,
Nothing makes everything in it...
Let us watch my brother's and sister's,
It is a film to cry, a saga which is not parable as History,
Because there is no one who will give their today for our tomorrow........
Materialistic world..and what not..
Randhir kaur Sep 2016
With your satiny hairs,
You amble without a normal foot.
But with a pristine look,
Your big eyes shines luminously.
Dear, Maybe people call you a handicap,
I call those bullocks a madcap.
Interestingly, what, I am a handicap mentally, here I reveal.
Everyday I fight inside the close door when night falls.
A few days ago your eyes have cried a lot,
Let me clear here, you are a daring person.
It gives me a reason to fight with his servants openly.
You are a bizarre, I don't know you Monica Sharma.
Though we did not shook our hands at all,
But whenever these eyes squints you,
A new story creates a History...
Its very weird we do not know each other but still can relate my past with you and your name itself was a blow to me. This write is not for sympathy but my respect towards you of what you are. Though you are not different but extraordinarily different in your swag.
Kisi apne ki yaad dilati hain aap..
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