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Rakib Dec 2018
And darling I don't want those clothes off

I'd rather watch you undress your soul

Life can push you to loathe yourself

But love can surely mend you whole
Rakib Nov 2018
She's a damsel of cryptic stripe
Hiding fairly her blooming riddle
Kooky tad of lustrous bauble
Babble tales foaming my soul
Rubbles of my fondness yearning stubble

She's a mistress of deviant nature
Caching away from communal creatures
Gleaming in her own delight
Staging her individual symphonies
Crafting a zappy tale of glee

As I hover on warmth appeal
Hoping to learn her tenderness
Flickering in her radiant chant
Veer to her spirit's slant
Waiting to scribble a chapter unified
Rakib Nov 2018
Lying deep in a frivolous slumber
I was a man in aching ember
Tearing apart limb to limb
Screeching loud "lord save me from my sins"

Ghouls creeping up my toes
Charmed to the peal of my woes
Agonies of my boyish past
Leeching on contemporary lusts

Fantasies conceived of jovial treats
Now concealed in desolate greed
Schemes flow of eternal dose
Better a bitter slumber than a heart broke
Rakib Nov 2018
I was drowned in the forest,
So deep and dull.
Where filtered no light that was blessed from the sun
And yet I was on the run.
Flowers there don’t blossom
Nor did my pale heart drum.
For no different was I than Mephistopheles
And was a beast that bore no feelings.

Memory had deceived me of my spring,
A time that time had timed away from my rhyme.
A little a dull dream I no often had
Of light and flies and lies and cries.
Cries, Oh! Cries! Ah! Cries!
Had I not cried would the forest have died?
Reason would tell it all but no sharp mind had I.

Walk had moved me onto the rocks,
And then to the river of smoke had I gone.
The vinous smell of which
Lumbered me into a deep slumber.

In sleep I saw Dante the man
At whose side stood Beatrice for whom he was mad.
I who knew nothing of groom and bride,
Glared my pearls onto the Anglophile that then did land.
Pierced he his mighty hands into the air;
Who under his command turned dust to there.
At him I screamed to know it all,
And answered he to ‘Speak low if you speak love’.
Pointed he his silhouette to the deity and uttered:
‘She’s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed,
She’s a woman, and therefore to be won’.

What sorcery had I witnessed!
For I heard my heart to bump and drum!
Sweet was the stream that filled my canals,
Where the fiery fluid of life now flows.
Fresh became the air that I drew there,
And a soothe deep blessed was in me.

Baptised was I then as human
Invited me then merry men to their den.
Oh! The smile I bore on my lips
For would witness I the kind to which I belonged.
Eagerness sprung out o’ my spirit
For soon with my tribe I will be with.
Rakib Nov 2018
You pour the waters
Of magical delight
Drowning each drops of eerie tears
Tears of rolled melancholy desired

Your heart a chamber of venom
Each beat boiling its toil
As the days of hardship pass
Each day does a drop add
And its pain drains
Into your arctic veins

But then the water you gush
Down your guts does it flush
Reaching in through porous ways
In through the murderous veins
To your heart it rolls
The venoms doth droll
Into sweet streams toll

Yet the liquid slurps
Into your intellect it burps
Fills your thoughtly hollows
While your vision obscures
To phantom like raze
And you squander your curb
As equally does the herb

You wander in dare
Till the heavens appear
Where the cherubs stuffed rare

And you reach the accord
Of luscious delight
While your enclosing lights

But then you turn
Back to shallow do your run
In mirror of opiated burn
And while you encumber
Your torso guns to slumber
Awaiting ticks of number
Rakib Nov 2018
The tolls of grilled men groan
With screeching moan of roasted car delight
Powder o’ bullets hither and thither
Red stream of wine flowing within
The air too dense in which to linger
Not a bee or bird or man hereafter

Hands up in melodies to the creator
Chaos to dust to turn soon
But alas the chaos can’t stop
For its nature
And we the mere players of the betrayal

The arbitrary notes of tears and timbers
Too high without real values which here shall foster
Weather in smoke and dust shall bear
And the bustles and hustles of machine shall not rot
But to ears drum and the trumpets torn

Here I stand in the melodies of creation
Of doom and dawn that awaits, not bloom
See the wind sway and hands shake
And thumps of notes too high awake

It bothers me, nay that is not a thing to say
For slaughter and ****** to me shall then sway
What is fixed is to be there
A change and soon the trigger shall whisper
‘I the Death that you fear shall tear the flesh away right here’
But stop I say for death I do not fear
Death better if a thousand others spared

This doom soon Zarathustra spoke
But men hath then joked
He a fool and others the cool
But see now after a thousand era cooked
Of that he predicts is what is true

Nay but no more to wait
If something to done is to be done right away
And guns to flowers turn
Bullets to ashes shall burn
When the Übermensch shall be awake
And things to peace shall return at bay
Time shall tell the ever-truth soon away
And the Unhappy Melodies shall be astray
Rakib Nov 2018
From the heavenly churches they say came he
Gabriel’s disciple it is said him to be
Walks the man from town to town
And his followers come pouring down

Then goes they to his mansion
Whose blue silk embellished walls are beatific no need to mention
Sits he in his majestic throne
Across which angels are said to drone

Thwacked he his stick on to the wooden floor
And looks all at awe at his splendour
With a majestic tone says he,
“Come in by the name of God anyone who needs help done to thee”
Hypnotized his followers are all to this lured
Slowly forward they leaped, shared they their stories
Says then he, “Tis no big deal, thou will be fine, have not worries”

At night, I the harbinger of truth, walked stealthily to the man’s mansion
Alas! What I saw, lost was he in scandalous sensations
Lay him in his bed amidst filles de joies
Waiting for them to make him feel joy
There I saw Lucifer in the air
Smiling at his followers who lay in the bed bare

Anger rushed through my veins,
Knowing that the pains of the man’s followers went in vain
Brought out I the dagger from my pocket
And rushed to him with the pace of a rocket
With all strength forced I my dagger to his chest
And at last I sent him to eternal “rest”
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