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Oct 2010
I wanted to write you a zombie poem
(Blood is bright red and brains greyish-blue...)
But I get so distracted
When my thoughts turn toΒ Β you.

How can I write about rotting flesh,
And bodies being torn limb from limb,
When all I can picture is your intoxicating smile
And how each time I see it my world feels less grim?

It's hard to describe our devious plans
When all thoughts of you make me want to sing.
But I like knowing that I am your queen
And that wherever you are that you are my king.

So, since this is instead
A zombie love poem
I guess I'll just have to say,
"Aaaahahhhh!" and
Every single day.
This was written as a Valentine's day present for my boyfriend this year. According to him "Aaaahahhhh" means I love you and "Gwraaaawr" means I miss you in zombie.
Written by
Rachel Fix
     D Conors
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