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Dec 2020 · 25
max Dec 2020
The red flag
Was painted in blood
Across your face

The warning signs
Disguised as butterflies
Fluttering in empty space

The people who told me
To step away
Never understood

While most of you was bad
You were still the only thing remaining
That felt good
Dec 2020 · 47
max Dec 2020
Would you
Love me?
Dec 2020 · 40
max Dec 2020
I wanted to be her
Only because she had you
And I never will
Dec 2020 · 31
max Dec 2020
i am entangled in you
your skin mingles with mine
legs intertwined and knotted like weeds
poisonous tastes linger forever,
you whisper that you love me

and i die slowly as i intended

the blood drips off our wrists, tainted with sweat
the smell of it stings
you tasted me
ate me
consumed me and i felt whole as i was being ripped apart
limb to limb i satiated you
you whisper that i'm being such a good boy
you touch me
numbness takes me over
you kiss my lips, dead as they are
and bury me in a place no one has ever seen
nor will they ever

i die slowly as i intended
i have no idea what happened, will probably delete soon
Dec 2020 · 73
max Dec 2020
ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
we know no real pain
until we find trust
then that trust is broken
and so are our bones
i entered this world crying
and i'll leave it
Dec 2020 · 26
max Dec 2020
The terrible black hole of space
In your heart, it lies there
Dormant, caught forever, not to be set free
You loose your venom, deep and tumultuous upon me
The horrible, poisonous skies of a time after humans looms in your pained eyes
Yet it is in them, dark and formidable, that I see my future
Nov 2020 · 23
max Nov 2020
In spite of everything
The earth still spins
Baby I need room to breathe
It hurts to think
But the world keeps falling down
It's like
The world doesn't revolve around me
Or something
Maybe I've always been nothing

— The End —