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quietly yelling Jun 2014
I can't sit around and wait  for you too call.....
Not getting any younger and wrinkles are a downfall-
quietly yelling Jun 2014
Well today I finally have something to do....

I only wish it involved you!!!
quietly yelling Jun 2014
I don't know what to do to get you to see
That you mean the world to me..

I don't know anymore what I can do
To show you I'm sorry and that forever I want to love you!!!!
I do really love you
quietly yelling Jun 2014
I want to lick you and taste you all nite long.

I bet you taste good.....I know you do.....

Ive licked you before...
quietly yelling Jun 2014
I want to be your very best friend and always hold your secrets
especially with the way we like to play....

I want to know all about you every deep dark secret you hold....
leaving out anything with others .....all that doesn't need to be told...

I want to show you how much I love you and will show you each and every day......
Please come get ahold of me soon so I know you feel the same way...
please call me or something my work and ask for me then when I come to the phone say nothing and I will know I should come find don't need to say a word.....just say nothing for a minute or two and hang up.....
  Jun 2014 quietly yelling
Jon G M
Hey  you
Do you know what's ****?
A real conversation
  Jun 2014 quietly yelling
Jon G M
You my last love
You're were the one
The one I'd been looking for
Yet I let you go

Now lonely and lost
Thy heart aches in its darkness
Slowly dyeing
From the self inflected wound
A broken heart
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