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ketashia Sep 2019
I hate college
I hate my classmates
I hate my classes
I hate my extracurriculars
I hate my teachers
Why am I still here?
Because society tells me as a black female from a poor family im lucky to be here
The thing is though
I don't feel lucky
I feel trapped
ketashia Sep 2019
I wish you could truly love me
I dont want to be your play thing forever
I want what I cant have
I want to be your equal
But instead im just your toy
Undeserving of any love except what you decide to give me
Waiting patiently for when you decide to pick me up and play with me again
I don't know what I'll do
When the day you outgrow dolls finally comes
ketashia Sep 2019
I dont think we poets try to be deep
We don't try to make nothing out of something
We dont try to be dramatic for no reason
We just want to explore the beauty and heartbreak of life
I guess
In a world that forgot its ok to be human
We try to remember
ketashia Sep 2019
Id rather never loved
Than loved and lost
Not because I hate love
But because ignorance is truly bliss
And you cant suffer from a broken heart
If you never had a heart to begin with
ketashia Sep 2019
Nothing's sadder than scrolling down your friend list
Looking through your contacts
And sitting around your friends
And realizing
These people dont care about you
These people dont love you
Your bond is as artificial
As splenda
ketashia Sep 2019
After a storm comes a rainbow they say
But the storm ripped the roof off my house
The storm drowned my entire family
The storm left me with nothing
And so now
The rainbow dosent mean that much
  Sep 2019 ketashia
e reed
I do not want your
wasted mind
to settle,
if your heart
never had any
intentions of staying.
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