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ketashia Sep 2019
If I were to be completely honest
I dont tell the people in my life about my poetry
I guess it's much easier to take criticism from strangers
ketashia Sep 2019
I dream of pricking my thumb upon a star
Of dancing with faeries in forest
Of flying among the birds and clouds
only when I tell people I want to live happy and free forever
That I want a truly deep and wonderful love that will last forever
Do they tell me that now
I am truly dreaming
ketashia Sep 2019
I like to think pretty girls are the luckiest
Because everyone notices them
But perhaps its me who is lucky
For not a soul notices me
And what's luckier then having the power
Of invisibility
ketashia Sep 2019
I look back at my poetry
The ones about sunshine
And fresh breezes
To remind myself
That at some point
I was truly happy
ketashia Sep 2019
My voice seems
Among the chorus
Because no one can hear just one voice
My voice
When everyone is screaming too
  Sep 2019 ketashia
Let me build a magical world
Out of that madness of yours.
If you can just let me.
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