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unnamed Aug 2018
I ask of You to protect this feeling.
I am only feeling this because You are allowing me to.
Hence, protect him. Protect the both of us.
I love him.
unnamed Aug 2018
i am patiently waiting,
for the day when i got to meet him.

i am patiently waiting,
for the day i get to see his face,
and ask him questions.

i am patiently waiting,
for the day i get to hear his voice,
his laughs and his sarcasms,
for they are all lovely.

i am constantly hoping,
that i can be forever patient,
for him.
#love #him #afterallthistime #faith
unnamed Aug 2018
there's just so much love for him. even when the world is telling me
not to love him.

but how can i not love him?
i don't want to go through that pain again,
the pain of getting over a guy.
unnamed Jul 2018
the only thing i'd ever go deep
was about myself.

i hated the world,
i don't care about things,
i never wanted to be present,
i want to be lost and never found.

i loathed myself for doing so.
because the ignorance
is slowly destroying me.
unnamed Jul 2018
i have these rush inside me.
i was never happy with who i am.
i am always looking for something,
that would ease those anxieties away.

then i realised,
i forgot to pray.
unnamed Jul 2018
It's all about rising up, working on yourself to show him that you can shine too,
Letting yourself losing it in that love spiral he got you by his invisible forces.
You choose.
unnamed Jun 2018
How can moving on be so hard? Even when you weren’t really together with him? His words were sweet, his eyes were dreamy and I just looove everything about him. He never promised me anything but why did my heart put on such hopes since the beginning?
It hurts
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