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Dec 2014
As I lay me down,
To feel
the shape I'm in.

As I wonder what went wrong
To put my body
in this hell,
of being.

My thoughts are as clear- now
As my fogg filled mind- now

Can't remember -anything
As it all blends- together
In time.
Can't call heads or tales.
On a double sided dime
Called life.

To equal not a thing,
If nothing, is something.
Then that must be, what I have.
Is time, not to equal a thing.

Help me from this hell,
Please help me find salvation.
Guard me tonight,
Please help me find safety.
Help me see some light.
(Just a glimmer, a sign)

are my complexed thoughts.
To live,
under this control.
my everymove.
Round and round,
We go.

Like a mad crazed- carni
Are my emotions,
Round and round
Till I can't stand- no more.

I am the puppet,
my nerves, your strings
Pulling and tugging
the pain you bring.

Tearing and shredding
all, my dreams.
I am at the mercy of this,
Un-named, disease.

You give me no choice,
But to lie.
Trying to deceive.
Pretending life is pretty,
With the ugliness in hate
That you breed.

Yhe enemy now lives,
where my soul use to be.
Pulling at my hearts
Very fragile strings.

Fighting to be brave.
Fighting to be saved.
To pray away,
All the pain.

I pray,
each day.
Praying, to stay sane.
Praying, everyday.
To my God,
I plea, show me the way.

Help me please,
get out of this hell!
Reverse to good,
This horrible spell.

Help me please.
Please God, help me,
Find my salvation,
Please God, I plea.

Guard my soul tonight,
God help, find salvation.
Please help me, I plea.
Guide me safe, to my light.

Invisible you may be to,
so many.
Sneaking into others,
with unfamiliarity.

Changing their lives.
Turning them upside down.
unsuspecting, without a choice,
One day when you are found.

The shape I am in.
My mind worn thin.
This pain aches, in my heart.
Is where all the weakness
Does start.

God help me,
Guide my thoughts,
through the night.
Let me feel you, in me
Let me,
know it's alright.
Written by
   Devon Webb
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