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Feb 2020 · 78
The steps of my feet
Gary Feb 2020
I learned to walk soft
Not to disturb the present
While speaking softly
Not to disturb my presence
I don't use filler words
And speak to my point
Not in anger - To scare
Not in greed - To gain
Not in question - to agree
Just in my own tone
And in my belief
I won't shout at you
So please, don't shout at me
For I will only block your voice
If only my one answer suites your question
Perhaps then you should go and ask another
For I am an expressive being with thoughts
Thoughts that very
And answers of more then one
To the many narrow minded believers
In which our society has become.
Dec 2019 · 77
My love for you
Gary Dec 2019
The love I have for you
Is indescribable.
Your strength, your caring,  your being
You are the one who brings me life
You are my whole.
The love I have for you
Is relentless.
Your beauty, your giving, your understanding
You are my life
You are my heart
You are my soul
You are
My definition of love.
Dec 2019 · 89
Poetic suicide
Gary Dec 2019
I am a imperfect person
I have flaws, I am impolite at times
I am flawed in every definition of the word.
I have scars deep in my skin
From fighting and acting the ways I once did
I have scars from surgical problems and pain
I cover them with ink from a needles name.
I am just a poet, being wise or a sap
Dosen't matter much anymore put my story's in a sack.
Mix my words and my memories thoughts
Put together my poetic life
Being a poet is tough.
I won't lie, or let you down
I will write my life
In my ink I drown.
Dec 2019 · 175
To grow up above yourself
Gary Dec 2019
I write words of wisdoms
And some of truth.
I live for my world
Delivering emotions in forces so brut
My words caused wars in days of then
All of the enemies were once so called friends
I only deliver love and words of kindness
Developed from drudge
Living my life with every step being judged
My life is so simple, my words seem complexed
Your life so dangerous,  you block out the rest
To create our peace in any state we're in
Is the only way to heal and be proud of where we've all been.
Dec 2019 · 135
The love I have in life
Gary Dec 2019
The love I have, is a love to last
My heart will last, for the love I have.
My heart beats and strives
For the soul of you and I.
I see our radiant orbs
I feel our pulse
Rhythmic experience
Pulse to rhyme
My love now can live in life
And strive.
Nov 2019 · 60
In the news today
Gary Nov 2019
The English have settled
Their chicken is dead
And bonzo has gone in hidding.
The other namless bandits have hung themselves out to dry.
The leader and fat assery of her own self righteousness has been officially flushed down the ******* to finally be home with all the other bacteria spreading disease on only themselves.
Contaminated pollutants
Gary Jun 2019
I see miles and miles of vibrant colors in blue.
across a still sea of unexplored possibilities.

I would travel that sea to get to you.
a path of still blue
blinding to some, the unknowing future may be

I would take the most treacherous of paths
just to say I am free

Once I got to you
I would truly understand
that all the obstacles I have hurdled
to get to you
have made me who I am.

Bringing together the vibrant possibilities of us two
now creating a new vision of blue.
Jun 2019 · 229
Jun 2019 · 92
A souls latching
Gary Jun 2019
I am the night
I will wrap myself around you
and hold you
in darkened times

I am the night
don't be affraid of what you heard
for rumours
have caused both our definitions
to be turned
Apr 2019 · 197
The perfect picture
Gary Apr 2019
when I saw you I believed in poetry
when I heard you I believed in music
when I saw you I believed in every stroke of the artists brush.
Apr 2019 · 98
A lifetime to know
Gary Apr 2019
God brings us in the world as a new body
Our spirit may be old
But his terrain is new
Flesh is just the souls jacket
The mind its amplifier
Vocal chords its speaker
Heart its energy

Our soul is a traveler
It may travel for years even centuries
Never to be understood
Untill it finds the right mindset
To trust and call its own.

If you truly understand
You will see many roads
If you barely understand
They will all be closed.
Gary Apr 2019
I think for a time my brain was rotting from all the poison and toxicity that had once surrounded me.
Now with my mind being healed it may clearly think.
My visions are now vivid, and all my once abuse I am able to face.
The more my body heals it feels as if I am peeling layers like pages from my mind.
Each layer being a story from my past. As I confront the storys truth it then leaves me and erases for good.
The memories flood to my mind, I need not try to think of them.
I give credit to my newly built mind and soul for letting me know it is okay to remember these things that hurt me one more time and to know now I'm strong enough to let these memories no longer be in my life.
Just because certain people were once in my life doesn't mean I need the anymore. I wish nothing on no one and only peace for myself.
My peace now lyes in my mind without the clutter and poison of the decades of abusive memories.
I let them go - freely
Never to be thought of again.
Now I am healed and stronger then ever to never be anyones punching bag again.
May 2017 · 316
In a other time
Gary May 2017
Staring in the mirror gave my soul a minute to breathe. Remembering times when I wanted to be anything but normal never wanting to grow old. As the lines in my face only deepen, so do the thoughts of a once younger man fighting to be different. Now as my age sets in a bit, I hear the thoughts of once me.
I snicker a bit, thinking "you never knew what you were thinking man."
Now I embrace these new thoughts,  thoughts of an older man. A man who has been down many roads and seen many seasons. A man who now only wants to be normal, blend in with the crowd and be listened to. I need not to be heard with my loud voice, or seen with my rebel look. I just need to be normal,  thankful when I can live normal.  Thankful for my senses allowing me permission everyday to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste life. Thankful for feeling love, through family and supportive friends. For the special connection I feel and am grateful for each day when I see my lovely wife. Grateful to be able to call my "normal" life, "my life." Grateful to learn from my past, to see my future and never to waste a single minute of life's precious minutes wishing I had anything else.
May 2017 · 250
Life floating by
Gary May 2017
The lake holds my faces reflection
The winds effect, ripple my face.
Giving me stress lines and aging each minute that passes bye.
Like life in a mirror, is my reflection to this lake. The wind is the artist drawing his expressions of the world's weight in forms of lines on my face. I watch sitting patiently my self growing older as I think away my thoughts, setting each new one free to the sky like a bird in time. I don't need them any more, my thoughts,  what for?
Waste away my time, thinking of simpler times. Freedom is the detached feather floating in summers sky. This feather, is a feather  for the expression of my mind.
May 2017 · 173
The poet and the spider
Gary May 2017
A true writer
Is not a writer who gloats
He is a person who asks
How can I improve?
How does this affect you?
Etc. Etc. Etc.
Have you seen him?
Do you know him?

He's the quiet one
The one who is studying every movement of that spider that is dangling over your coffee in his favorite cafe.

Deep logical movement
Correct use of language
Understanding his subject
Before illustration of his work can be read.

For if you did
This man
Is the man
The character of his own work
The spider struggling not to fall from its web into the scouring pits of a café mocha.
Mar 2017 · 308
Potholes and hand gernades
Gary Mar 2017
Reading through my archives
Of life
On little pieces of paper, napkins and fast food wrappings.

I came upon a note to self and proceeded to read it.
It was dated a year ago and the time was "way past closing time"
So I figured it must be good.
It said "dear self your work ***** and is to short lengthen it!"

At first I was taken back at how angry I was at myself, but then remembered how my readership had been slowly decreasing.

I decided to listen to this old drunken "wisdom" of mine and lengthened many of my works.

I actually didn't think they were to bad either, until I posted them and only got few comments with no likes.
The comments read "your poetry is to long and boring" "what happened to your short blunt to the point fluency? "

That's what a get for listening to the drunken me and taking advice from a fool.

Critics are fine, but bad comments can hurt a guy.
Guess I'll go back to my usual writes with my slowly dying off fan base for a few praises to brighten my ego for however long this three line poet has left in this field of potholes and hand grenades.
Mar 2017 · 232
Summers blues
Gary Mar 2017
Mixing feelings
It's you I miss

Steam rises to its sun
Running home
From the ground.

The ground has cooled
Now the fire's gone
Leaving water in puddles
All alone.
Mar 2017 · 213
Gary Mar 2017
VooDoo child
Gypsy of the night
Saber tooth gemini
Carrying blood
On your knife
Kingdoms come
And kingdoms fall
Never ending
To the werewolves call
Howling screams
To the moon
To be nocturnal
Not to choose
A thirst for love
A love for hate
A lust for blood
A kiss to late
Feb 2017 · 191
A mind inside Jekylls hyde
Gary Feb 2017
I'm cornered in
The blackened sky
Staring through its
Silver stars.

Darkness never felt this good
Darkness felt so good

eyelids close like a gates caged doors.
Locked in tight
The asylum of my mind.

Where my dreams once spoke
Now are just nightmares singing

We aren't really living
We are just not dead
The difference lies
In these lullabies
Dancing in my head

Closing my eyes
Locking in tight
The caged darkness
Of the living dead

Awake I do
To the stars above
Happiness my minds slavery
To a hateful - type of love.
Feb 2017 · 177
Gary Feb 2017
Searching, and it may never stop
For if it stops then you simply have failed.
Purpose reformed
For we cannot deliver performance once we stop to search
Is the search over?
Without search once purpose is found is the time to deliver our performance in lewd of getting the message.
Dec 2016 · 232
Gary Dec 2016

Ohh no
Here we go
Don't know
Who to show

What's my id?
Where am I from?
Once had a name
Now I'm just numb

Captured in this half life
Desert hands
In captured lands
Killing all
Whos wrong and right
Living in this half life
I'm spliced

Don't know who to show
Which puppet is in the know

All it Seems is we are all wired at the seems
Living half lives
Where we each are spliced

Am I dead?
Are you alive?
Is this my dream?
Or is this the time?
That darkness came in
To take my light.

It all seems we are wired at our seems
We all move frantically
Trying to tare them
To break free.

In this mis matched life
We want to be one
But in reality
All we are is spliced.
Nov 2016 · 345
missing what once was
Gary Nov 2016
To someone I once knew
I never got to say goodbye
Yet you were still there
When I thought you had died

I tried, oh lord I tried

Did I disappoint you?
Did you care?
Did you have a choice?
I don't care

I just miss you
And need you back
To help me live again
Put me on track
To that once was strong man
Accepting any challenge he can

Oh I tried, oh lord I tried - I tried

If you watch me while I sleep
Or hear me when I weep
Feel me clench so tight
All this wrong, so bad needs right.

I miss you, oh I miss you, lord I miss you.

This was not your choice
Nor was it mine
Was this your destiny?
Was this your time?

My sandcastle I built
Now disappears
With the tide.

I miss you, oh lord I tried, I miss you how I really tried.

To someone I once knew
To the old one who was true
How I need your strength inside
To put this cowering back in line

I miss you
Oh how I tried
I miss you
Lord, oh how I tried.
Gary Nov 2016
Dear life,
Let these closings of long battles
And roads of new exploration be my new path for a new serene normalcy.
May these paths lead to answers,
Answers of who I am.
It's been so long since I've been the real me it hurts to a pain staking degree.
Trying to remember what once was me.
Nothings normal, all I once knew is now forgotten and gone.
You cannot expect to accomplish a new road in life, without having the knowledge of how to overcome its new and demanding challenges.  Simply its obstacles are to great to exceed without knowledge. And even scarier to face. Not knowing the unknowing being thrown to survive in the Lions den.
As a writer I write,  my thoughts, feelings and dreams.
I feel like a caged animal
At a zoo, behind glass
Looking at my once life
Now held captive
From this disease.
I miss my old life, I progressed so far.
Able to challenge my strength of mind,body and soul
Each and every day.
Now that is gone.
Grateful yes I am
Sad and *******?
You better bet.
Although grateful, I am not in good standing with the life I lead  now.
I never asked for this change, I loved my then life and only pleaded for the healthiest body. So I may be the best I could be in all strengths from muscular to mental.
I would love to see the old me and old life I once had.
I would apologize with all my might for whatever I did for it to stop accepting me.
Then maybe I would learn how to live this new resistant relationship I am in.
It's hard to accept that your own body is fighting its every move and with its every move it is literally chipping a little by little of your life and freedom away.
All you can do is wonder why and watch it pay severe tolls each day.
If I cannot return to the past then please may my future be at a level of any normalcy that my present future lacks.
For the sake of my mind and all who are a very important part of it.
Life living in a invisible diseased world
Gary Nov 2016
A world in disarray
Filled with un-truth
Creating hate filled fear

No one can walk down streets
Without having fingers pointing
No one can wear a thing
Without offending another

How does a country so strong
Have so many
Who don't believe in a single thing
It - we - stand for?

Listening to facts,
not what we believe.
Not taking others actions
So personally.

So quickly we erupt
So little do we listen
Offended by intelligence
Offended by answers
Quick to blame others
Quick to shame ourselves.
Nov 2016 · 201
The shame of ourselves
Gary Nov 2016
I look for peace within a crushed and un locked society.
A society of rulers and fools following a road of unimaginable destruction.
Violence erupting over our lands security.  Violence breaking out do to colors on our skin. Violence to be heard. Violence to be understood.
Our future is more near everyday and everyday becomes shorter through time.
We need the strength of one another so then we can have a understanding of our country.
Just because it's controlled,  does not take away that it is still chaos.
If ignored much longer all this rioting, and killing one another will soon be our own demise in a anarchists dream of erasing all in genocide.
Gary Oct 2016
Little Jack Horner said
To hell with this corner
And had a stroll outside

He saw his neighbor Humpty
And climbed up the wall
Not to say hi, but create a fall

Humpty said what's up guy
Horner said I'm sick of pie
Humpty saw the look in Horners eye
Oh my, oh my, please Jack I am no pie

With one push during Humptys babble
Off of the wall,
Now Jacks eggs are scrambled.
Oct 2016 · 234
love for our mother
Gary Oct 2016
Give to me your knowledge
As I sit crossed legged
In the summers sun.

My palms are open
My mind cleansed free
Feel my love for you
Through my energy

Please help me heal through the pain
Cleanse my soul with your freshest rain

Help me see with your guided light
With strength in health of my mind

Mother please I beg of thee
For I am your son
And you I believe
Oct 2016 · 569
A lifetime to know
Gary Oct 2016
God brings us in the world as a new body
Our spirit may be old
But his terrain is new
Flesh is just the souls jacket
The mind its amplifier
Vocal chords its speaker
Heart its energy

Our soul is a traveler
It may travel for years even centuries
Never to be understood
Until it finds the right mindset
To trust and call its own.

If you truly understand
You will see many roads
If you barely understand
They will all be closed.
Oct 2016 · 182
our love re born
Gary Oct 2016
Little things like understanding.
once added together, can build a strength we never knew of.
Listening, before speaking.
Speaking in lyric of fact, not opinion.
All lead to a understanding.
A understanding of yourself, learning to accept truth and facts.
Learning it is o.k. to not always be right.
Learning it is o.k. to listen, absorb and give benifits of doubt, when necessary .
Let go of the angered pain,
Let go of the ego, of having to be right.
Understand, we all have the right to an open ear, from the open mind.
Theres a thought,
that enters my open mind.
Stoping the hate,
That fills my worlds time
in time
yours and mine.
the time.
In a still second pace.
Holding time, briefly
To see, it's beautiful face.

To this thought,
That has entered my mind.
That gave me clarity,
For a still second of time.
I thank you,
my soul,
For allowing me to see,
A more loving world,
Where we all
can be.

Time does not stand still,
I know.
If it could,
this is it's second, I would choose.

My wish for this same second-
To freeze in time.
For each, and every soul
To smile, in harmony.

For everbody to feel
The warmth from happiness.
For everyone to see.
If we all work together,
A smile for one second,
Can radiate a new born love.
For ourselves and each other.
All unite as one,
All are sister's and brother's.
Gary Oct 2016
I want to be well
Please, I pray to heal me
Let me be me again.

I miss myself
I miss being healthy
I feel I'm dettererating
From inside out.

I was once a strong individual
Who was never scared to get back up
From crashing so hard to the ground
Barley able to lift a single limb
Yet alone my body back up
Is detramental

To accept this new life
As good, as strength
Is not acceptable in my mind
My body deserves more

My soul deserves to be pain free
My life deserves to break these chains
Weighting me down with disease.

The constant battles
Of if I can or cannot
If so how long
What do I need to prepare for
Is warring thin.

I once wore scars proud
To show others how strong I was
Now my scars are all on the inside
Affecting my thoughts actions words and breath.

A little more each day
As each day new scars form
Never to show
Only for me to know.

I want to be well
Please alowe me to be me
To be judged no more
Of the shape
I am in.
Oct 2016 · 197
Winds of change
Gary Oct 2016
Thunderous skies
Tear filled eyes
The fussing and fighting
When love and hate

Rain falls
In the darkest sky
Winds of change
Turn the direction between
of once you and I

Our story of love
Trapped in the issues of hate
With our hearts so strong
There's still only so much
That one soul can take
Oct 2016 · 215
After the love has gone
Gary Oct 2016
I never meant to hurt you
she said
I always have loved you
As she got up from her chair
Leaving a lit cigarette in the tray

I loved you she said
I loved you
With her back toward me
I whispered I'm sorry

Wiped the tears from my eyes
And she was gone
Gone forever

She loved me
I was no good
She really loved me
I never treated her like I should

Learning love is more then a word
Is the hardest memory I will ever have
Learning how hard words hit the soul
Is a lesson I will always know.
Oct 2016 · 182
walking our earth
Gary Oct 2016
A thought in the mind
With a heart lined road
Builds the lives, creating our soul

Believing in trust, destine to us
Clearly to see, in all we may dream
Bring these beliefs,  
Watch them morph from our dreams
Lifting the once fog of the day showing the right road so we may never again stray.

Take my hand, as I trust in yours
Listen to my thoughts, without a word.
Build our strength, with two trusting hearts
Let the world see, a different way to live, without being scared to start.

Let The Love In This World, Be Our light.
Guided us to believe, help  build our strength in our sight.

May we see, all of our dreams
Holding hands, follow me.
Our footsteps help each,
follow our way.
Making our steps to humanity, easier each day.
Oct 2016 · 194
Lifes scriptures
Gary Oct 2016
The script is never finished
This rewritten bogle of the once poetic mind
Is now just a lonely road
to non sensual loving words
Leading to a heart,  with nothing to show except for its deadening one way street for the broken and untrusting.
This world burns of fire, as it freezes our soul.
Stopping life in its tracks
Painting some abstract strokes
Of a now still life.
Of a life that was, once known
This battered city of the hopeful hearted has devoured every dream
And blackened all its goals
Leading the newly blind
To steal and collect there souls
Rewritten words,
claimed as new thoughts
Piles of guilt
Innocence now lost
Rewritten is this script
Taking from all its originality
Claimed by others as knowing
Known by me
As never learnt.

Now I kneel
And bow to thee
Take my head
For I need it no more

I beg of thee
Slice it clean

Let my bottled thoughts
Absorb to the ground

As they pour from my mind
Bleeding patters of time.

As my thoughts pour
Unleash my sea of dreams
Unleash my once secret,
Secrets for all to see.
(while they still can)
Until they all vanish deep
in the depths
of this trampled ground
To be buried for good.

I bow to thee,
in a guilt of plea
Take this life
set me free.

When the blood of one's thought becomes our sand.

I am a stone.
I am the mountains stone.
With your strength,
You pick at me,
until I become to weak.
Until I can't take no more.
Losing my grip, slowly I separate,
With each hit.
Until finally, I fall,
Plumething down.
Rolling, bouncing around,
This ragged mountains terrain.
Bouncing off rocks,
Crashing to trees,
A never ending journey,
This seems to be.
Finally I land in to the rivers bed.
separated from my old,
I'll make this, my new home.
Submerged in water,
Trapped in a corner -alone
you'll never see me again,
Moss covered, green
Blending in, society.
Watching your every move.
Protecting all who you bruise.
Thinking I'm not there.
yet I live in your lungs,
For I am now your air.
I will decide,  when to leave you.
For all you have done in these woods.
Once you've realized to late,
You have killed all that's good.

Remember the script is never finished, only recreated.
Sep 2016 · 640
Mad Donna
Gary Sep 2016
Mad - Donna
Once the laughter has gone
Turning her back
On a world so wrong  Once a sane life in this world
Took a turn, as a bullied girl
Escaped by popping pills
until they took her life
In the alleyway,
infected with chills

Mad-Donna sees
But not what the world may be
Through dilated pupils
And faded memories

Friends of then
Faces so thin
Like the dying soul
Trapped within

Mad-Donna, I wonder

Is it raining in your heart?
I see it pour out your veins
Is it trapped inside your mind?
These memories of insane.


Appears everynight
Her spirit of nature
Lives in the sky

The city's killing our earth
City the bullet
Earth our soul
Once where were rainbows
Now a killer roams

Once frightened
Now offer her hand
Invisible to some
Helping others understand
No need to see
Just feel
My child
Is an angel
For the wild child.

#poetry #poem #visonary #narrativepoetry #gbuda #writing #art #words #poet
Gary Sep 2016
Doors open as I approach them
Slamming tight once passed
To assure they are closed, re locked
A one way ticket,
For a non stop journey
To keep moving forward

Locked behind are the doors
Once thought of never opening
Now are just past accomplishments
Never to be thought of our used

Now knowing accomplishments come
With determination, and the strength of accepting challenge
I know I can, I will concur all my goals
Capturing dreams and building strengths along this very unstable, yet very rewarding road of life.
Sep 2016 · 298
12 past 2 bar room blues
Gary Sep 2016
It's twelve past two
And my whisky is dry
Getting sick of this mirror
Staring at this guy
Empty stools are surrounding me
I feel like I'm gonna be jumped
They all look like hell, bent up and ripped
So tough
This bar smells of **** and moan
To many whiners call this home
Your life's so bad heres my belt
Go hang yourself
Put your memory on some shelf
I'm starring down this guy in the mirror
Slamming down my drink
Light my smoke
Let it all sink
Put out your smoke!
Some ******* says
******* punk!
I'm trying to be better off dead
Sep 2016 · 862
Phoenix rising
Gary Sep 2016
To rise yet again
But how high will I fly
-This time

Coals of the ashes
Stay at a simmer
Awaiting my return

A constant failure
Of minimal victories
Is this man behind these flames
Of laughter.

To crash and burn
To never learn
Never to learn
When there are no lessons learned

Rise to victory
In flames of glory
The pain is burning

Wishing the pain to go away
Cool waves of air
Blow out the flame

Killing the body
Yet leaving its soul
Sending it back,
To the coals below
Sep 2016 · 217
Peacefully serene
Gary Sep 2016
The world - our window
Its people - its soul

All people - together
For our strength - to grow

Hearts - warm as sun
Oxygen as important - as the soul

Take my hand, we'll be the bees
Polenated with love
Spread with a sneeze

Like a wild flower in the snow
Any where- our love will grow

Making a land of all colors and blooms
Where we all live as one
Where being born is our only due.
Sep 2016 · 348
self appreciation
Gary Sep 2016
Thank you my body for working so hard.
For trying to regain bits at a time rebuilding so much lost.
Thank you my soul for being so strong, sticking through the grim and never changing who you are.
I'm feeling like myself again more and more each day. I feel as if I have a redo for a normal life, and may be me again.
Times won't be perfect,  this I know. I will accept this life and take its blows.
Days will be longer, and more filled with joy.
Thank you God and my universe for your help through this chore.
For helping me see light, when once I thought there was no more.
Sep 2016 · 247
Poetic war zone
Gary Sep 2016
The poets battle field
Loaded pens of ink
Spraying their letters
into words of fire
For others to see

Forming alliances against one another
Challenging each
For the words they speak

Paper once used as a poetic escape
Now obsolete
It's fragile thin yellow and torn
Once strong words read
Now bleed through
To barley to be seen

Few poems escape from papers demise
To the computers screen
Laid out perfectly to be seen

Poetic communities
Welcome your find
To control your poetry
To change your mind

Poets captured
By their words
Being read, held hostage
Their thoughts above their head

Gang violence erupts
Killing once were words
Replacement of misspelled
And a mis lead art

Words verse emojies
Covered in slang
Raising white flags
Crawling back
To note books they hang.
Sep 2016 · 453
Jekyll and Hyde
Gary Sep 2016
Seeing your thoughts
In my mind
Ugly in words
Changing in time

Once I knew you
Thats gone now
A newer version
Bow to the endowed

Like the wind
My once knews came in life
Like the blowing wind
It all changed
Like the turn of a dime

Thought I knew, of all you are
Til wind of change
Blew us all to far

Change if life
Like the turn of a dime
The mirrors an ugly reflection
Once it stops  its shine.

Bred as a whole
Ripped apart as new
Split in diversity
Walking in distance
As two.
Sep 2016 · 221
Building the strong
Gary Sep 2016
Ants drowning in a puddle
Single file dropping off one by one
Waiting to see which one of them could swim.
The swimmer would be the leader
The strongest of ants, to help build a stronger community.
Unless the swimmer is last
With out any help, he is as weak as any.
With out help he can not strive, like he once did.
With out help he can no longer swim
Sep 2016 · 147
Calm before she storms
Gary Sep 2016
Swelling eyes of red
Running nose
Quivering lips
Sep 2016 · 148
Rivers stream
Gary Sep 2016
Sadness from my eyes
Sep 2016 · 293
Blanket of the dead
Gary Sep 2016
Fall has taken its toll
Flowers are hidden
Tree leaves dying
Days shortened

The whirlwind of summers ashes
Coats our streets and yards
Covered in beautiful colors
Of dried leafs
Until the cool wind takes them away.

Fall has gone
Its cold, barren and deserted outside
The ground is frozen shut
Grass still - from shock
Trees bare and stripped from color

Snow has fallen like an angel
Helping all of our mothers children
Covering the ground to keep it warm
Covering trees branches
Glistening  to give them new color

The snow has giving back the dignity of life in the most shocking of times.
A safety blanket for life in hopes of spring.
Sep 2016 · 537
colors in the sky
Gary Sep 2016
The only oppression
Is the oppression you create
We are one
With many different views
If we ask for change
We should change too.
50/50 is a working relationship
We all sweat
We all bleed
Red white and blue
Are the only colors I see
No one needs to understand any race
If we are proud to be one
Where freedom lyes
Then the only color The only oppression
Is the oppression you create
We are one
With many different views
If we ask for change
We should change too.
50/50 is a working relationship
We all sweat
We all bleed
Red white and blue
Are the only colors I see
No one needs to understand any race
If we are proud to be one
Where freedom lies
Then the only color that should matter is our colors in the sky.
Sep 2016 · 341
Day dreaming fields
Gary Sep 2016
Like whispers, nighttime speaks.

Water falls to the creek
My blood flows of emotion
As a tear drop leaks.


The sky thick with ice
foggy visions
Fill my sight.


Whisper in my ear
Winds of change
Are getting near.


Thunderous day
Come back again
Speak my reflection
Of my only friend.
Sep 2016 · 736
Finding my path
Gary Sep 2016
Breathe in the essence of new thoughts
Exhale the ideas that were tried
Open your mind to a new path
True happiness and strength
You will find.
Sep 2016 · 279
forever soulmates
Gary Sep 2016
Eternal  love
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