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Nov 2014
We met drunkenly whilst basking in immaturity,
and we’ve vowed to remain
this way for the entirety  of
our adventure.
Its bliss;
innocence and purity concealed into two people.
That kiss woke me up for the first time;
it was as though I was merely alive
but not living,
and you showed me the shinning
I’m now new to the world,
and you’re teaching me how to feel.
Everything is becoming incredible;
colours transcended from mundane
to an indescribable vibrancy;
music sounds louder and laced
with passion,
food tastes like euphoria,
books are compiled with meanings
that I’m conquering as we trail deeper
into the depths of adventure.
I hope—no, I pray—
that we can perpetuate this feeling.
Paige Johnston
Written by
Paige Johnston  england
   Tyler Durden
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