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Nov 2014
I ache to trace the scars you've hid so well beneath your skin
   To feast on the nightmares that plague your sleep
Let my hunger satiate deprivation
       So that you may get an honest nights rest
   and tell me all about the good dreams you had

I want to know all the curves to your body
         and what makes them come alive
So that on days you're feeling dead
       I can help bring you back to life

Let me entwine my fingers into the curled strands of your hair
       And tangle them there for as long as you let me

Oh please let me do it for a long time

      I want to know you without borders

     over coffee and books we have read
         Books we want to read
     Books that weren't worth reading
            Books the other should read

And more coffee

Always more coffee so we can stay awake
For every moment that we share without borders

I want to sit with you in silence,

                 .             .             .

Look over and see you smiling with the pout of your lips
                   Like your dangerous
        And I'm asking for it
I'll always be asking for it

Without borders I would lean across the world
Just to hear your laughter
           And hold your hand in mine
              If only to feel your touch
                            Just once

      *Watch the sun saunter off into the horizon
      And the stars begin to shine
      As the moon lights up the sky
      In a world without borders
      I could be yours
      And you could be mine
Written by
Brandon  On the edge of your taste
(On the edge of your taste)   
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