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Nov 2014
I had a bad dream.
There was a "you" amidst this slumber.
Sent you letters
Sent you emails
Put you into literature and drawing
Wrote songs, poems, proses
Made you real in my head
Imagined you smiling
talking to me
Why have I done such a horrid thing
to relive what is gone?

You aren't even real
You aren't
You are not

You exist beyond a meter or two
Your smile exists beyond the present--now a past
Your laugh exists outside my jokes and my stories
Your reply is but silence of a chattering crowd in between us
Our conversations are no where to be found.

Our worlds
(once, united)
are now once again
far apart.

We do not coexist.

I was just dreaming.
And now I have woken up.
You are not real.
You were never real.
Written by
     Keith Wilson and ---
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