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Nov 2014
why am i so numb all the lies can't reach me any more I'm so lost that i don't want to be found i can't hear what your saying because I'm blocking out everyone and the sound goes in one ear out the other and it dose not matter any way cause theres nothing left to say I'm too far gone for any one to help me so stop talking and listen for sound of my pain because I'm insane its ok don't be afraid of me just hold me one last time so i can be actually fine i hate myself but you love me its crazy what world we live in we are so different yes so alike its just a sick memory i have you hate me yet you love me its ****** up and i know I'm going to hell so **** it i want everyone to hate me I'm so sick of pity i don't want you to love me hate me and be safe you i do love you but I'm the grenade in your hand that your hesitating to throw so you just let go and I'm gone so don't feel pain I'm not coming back not now not ever again just let me fall i don't want you to feel pain you know i will put a bullet in my brain for you but you still just use me and no love is shed but my blood has been blead i now I'm going to cut deeper than before down the road and i won't come back maybe then you will miss me you never even try to kiss me you just throw mental torment my way as wicked as you are you beautiful to me but all you see in me is something you can take and take till I'm all used up and more and more pain i receive i gone no more me I'm out of **** to be taken so go find someone else you can use
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disease  anywhere but here
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