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disease Jan 2016
I cant speak for my will is weak
Im told to turn the other cheek
but what happens when you cant
endure no more when the pain feels like
a parasite digging into your brain
is it time  for me to leave already
this **** is getting heavy on my
chest  and I feel like no one is listening  
can't wait  till these drugs start kicking in
disease Jan 2016
I am so alone this pain I feel is deep down to the bone no one could understand the emptiness I feel inside my life is worthless I wake up every morning wishing to die every time I think about her I get this feeling in my stomach I can't describe it feels like I am getting shot in the heart when I replay the memories in my head I hate her with my body and soul but at the same time I wish she could forgive me Im sorry and I wish we could go back in time where every thing was fine and go back to when she was mine I know now since she left I will never be the same she was my soulmate I shared things with her I never told anyone before as we told each other things I think we used those things as ammo in our fights I use to tell her it would get better that we'd never loose each other but guess who dosnt love me anymore its the girl i adored jade.
disease Jan 2016
I can't sleep I can't eat is this my defeat I'm dead inside but look alive on the outside I feel like I will never be the same as I once was because I'm addicted to her she is the cause of my defeat the reason I can't sleep I feel like she is a parasite digging her way into my mind even when she's gone I can still hear her voice calling me
disease Jan 2016
am i the only one who feels this way like everyday death is whispering in my ear so i can hear the screams of the ones before me oh wait my mistake its just the girl friend the one who is suppose to love me but gets off on my distress what a ******* mess i got myself into once again. people tell me I should be grateful for my success but i didn't accomplish my death and what is success  something for an obsession a depression i don't know but if i had a successful day lets just say it'd be my funeral today
disease Jan 2016
hello darkness my old friend its good to see you again its been awhile how is pain i wish i could see him again im stuck with numb no love she left me for someone with a future not a broke *** *** like me its hard to see anything anymore im stuck in this pointless life i feel like a v.h.s   repeating over and over the same thing everyday i feel like my life will never change no matter where i go im always alone.
disease Dec 2015
im not okay I'm not alright my life is finally coming to an end but I'm trying to pretend that I'm ok I'm alright i don't know where I'm going but anywhere is better then here I'm sorry to all the ones i love jade I'm sorry i loved you but we weren't never meant to be life together would have never worked I'm sorry but this is the end and now its time for me to descend.
disease Dec 2015
I have  no remorse I  wish my life was a abort but in the end I'm still unborn life fades quicker then the steel of my blade
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