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Jan 2011
The mind rushes
To analyze
What future looms
I bide my time.
As I await.

The body tremors
Inside and out
Fatigued, it yells
The pain, it shouts.
As I await.

The eye stabs
Vision blurry
Migraines laugh
To watch me worry.
As I await.

The muscles dance
To tunes unknown
Lightning strikes
The weary bone.
As I await.

Memory fails
Words escape
The mind still fights
As I await.
As I await.

Heart palpitates
Stress enhances
Emotions calm
To steer advances.
As I await.

It fights to win
But all in vain
Corrupt the body
My soul remains.
As I await.

Love still lingers
Intentions pure
No anger lives
No pity here.
As I await.

Disease roars strong
Yet, I prevail
Love supersedes
This crumbling shell.
As I await.

Symptoms linger
Rise and fall
No sense to madness
Inside this wall.
As I await.

Stare in question
Distance fear
This child of God
Protected here.
As I await.

My blessings soar
Above the trial
Diagnosis looms
But still I smile.
*As I await.
LoriJean Vance Copyright 01/22/2011
Written to express the experience of waiting for a diagnosis of possible multiple sclerosis.
Lori Jean
Written by
Lori Jean
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