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Shasta Lee Feb 2011
My breath is powdered with regret;
coated in the sugar I never said.
Though it was never spoken,
you could sense.
Imagine what vocal upset!
Imagine what we could have been!
Now we separate,
our passion empty and dead.
My tongue still tempting
that unworded perfect.
Shasta Lee Feb 2011
Time ties the free;
            constricted in the hours, seconds
Stuck in limitations;
            our vulnerability to the clock's dictating!

Oh, timely impossibilities!
Shasta Lee Feb 2011
Forever frozen;
never chosen.
Stuck in his reject;
a steady disintegration of a woman's content.
Did he mean to break,

our smiles for destruction's sake?
Shasta Lee Feb 2011
God ties a ribbon;
upon my mother's womb.
As she waits for a tiny gift, (her only wish)
to arrive soon.
        My presence comes,
        but her patience goes.
                        The gift,
                         blessedly unraveling as time flows.
Always unwrapping,
                                                       beauty is slow.
My sweet mama,
                                                       what beauty could she know?
Shasta Lee Feb 2011
everything that I say,
is like a grenade,
      created in my defensive state.
we're at war.
and you have reason to be afraid

Your world is about to blow.
Shasta Lee Jan 2011
Stem from choice-
but I don’t want to choose.
I just wanna walk around your earth,
being a slave to you.
God, I choose to live life as your daughter,
not as my own person.
A wife, a mother,
have chosen noble paths,
but a daughter follows the trail farther.
I’d rather be bound by chains of gratitude,
that limit me,
than leave others, bound in chains of metal,
to suffer.
Shasta Lee Jan 2011
You’re part of me;
and I’m part of you.
But you dream about her lips staining
your cheek -
as I dream about you.
What type of girl wouldn’t want to fall into your arms?
Who wouldn’t want to feel safe from harm?
I cross the world sometimes,
but I always see you on the other side.
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