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Sep 2014
I saw the drunken shrunken old man
slumped at the bar
Do you wanna a drink? He asked me
with a whisky soaked stammer
I nodded and noticed then his alcohol-ravaged face
but it’s his eyes I won’t forget
They rained sorrow
For him, there would be no happy tomorrow

I knew there was no free lunch
And I’d have to listen to his litany of despair
Of the love he’d had for the girl with the golden hair
and how he’d left her up in the air
Of how he’d chance of adventure abroad
but never the time could he afford
Of how he had lost touch with his brother
and didn’t see his mother
before she’d died
 And oh how his life was so full of strife

Then he droned on and on
Follow your heart not your head young man
I beseech you
confront your issues and find some peace
and never forget
there will be plenty of time for regret

I went to leave I’d had my fill
It hit me then, a sharp tingle down my spine
Those eyes looked like mine
My name in his hat confirmed my worst fears
The terror came, overwhelming
Written by
TonyC  Glasgow
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