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Sep 2014
It’s a race between a Greyhound bus and Coach USA bus
Everything is prepared on the Race Track
The fans are cheering in the back
The Greyhound bus and Coach USA bus are put through their paces before the race
There will be plenty of dust in the trace
It has been announced buses please take your place
The checkered flag is raised up
Then the flag is raised down to begin
The Greyhound bus pulls out first
But the Coach USA bus pulls out like it’s a hearse
Suddenly Coach USA picks up speed
But the Greyhound bus still has a good lead
Cheers from the crowd
The clock is ticking with time allowed
Out of nowhere the Coach USA bus catches up
The Greyhound bus is no longer in the lead
The Coach USA bus is focusing on proceed
The points are certainly stacking up
Keeping score a Judge’s view
Well the buses are down to the finished line stretch
What bus has made their match?
Greyhound and Coach USA are neck and neck
The fans are thinking in what the heck
Coach USA bus crosses the finished line first
As for the Greyhound bus being like a page from a verse
“At last you tried, but you scored behind, and you wheeled everything you got, but it was second place of thine, but until next year, keep that mine".
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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