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Center Stage
Spotlight on
Words of Dignity
Stance with Honor
My heart pours with Anger
Destruction and Devastation on my mind
Weep and can’t sleep
My emotions cut deep
The Moon at night laughs
The Stars don’t even twinkle
My Dance moves can’t wiggle
I have no desire to jiggle
My life is like a puzzle
The thoughts just don’t come together
My identification is let me see
Where should I be?
Who do you think I am?
I certainly don’t know
But one thing I do have is my self-respect
That is my elect
This is how my life takes effect.
Suave and Sophisticated
A man with knowledge being educated
Sheer elegance
Disco Ball Shine
Embrace in dance close
The idea dream man
A purpose in being in love
All the Chemistry to think of
Yet established and genuine
A man that has respect in warmth and being kind
A man being confident being a man
An eye catcher within the land
The real heart fully curved
All the loving a woman deserves.
Words that are extended like a highway road
Endless styles with the thought reaching miles
Your thought being every after
It seems inspiration feeling like a robust chapter
Yet the sentences and words make it clear
The common ground being centered around your near
The Sunrise being the moment in telling you to get up
A new day full of enrichment
Endless words with only pausing for the period
It’s definitely time to write
The sunshine says explore your destiny
Your words are the open door being the guide down the unwritten road
As each Word and Reader passes by it becomes a journey of behold
Give Poetry a try
Influence has always been your assurance
This is your moment too escape
Your own words having its own applause
This is your true sunshine with no clause
This poetry road was written for you just because
Being inspired to be and for all the way to see.
7d · 27
Remember the Good Times TV series, this isn’t it
It’s all about woes
Even involves on the New York City Subway of someone stepping on my toes
Well the so called Refrigerator that was supposed to be new broke down
I had no portable Freezer to be found
There was no warranty
Yet there was no honesty
Get in the car, but didn’t get far
Suddenly without notice, I was ejected from my own car, and told to get out
It was a wonder I didn’t end up in Long Island Sound
There I know I wouldn’t have been found
If that isn’t enough
I am sure to call someone else’s bluff
I was asked to create a Wedding Cake
Too me for Heaven’s sake
Can you guess what happened?
That’s right, the wedding cake crashed to the floor
I had to clean up and not ignore
As I was heading out the door, one of my jacket sleeves started coming loose
Now I felt like a naked Moose
What else can go wrong?
Remember they say in exercise go for the burn
My body felt like a hot urn
In fact, I was so stiff
Only thing I could think of was if
Talk about go for the burn
There are more woes, but I won’t say anymore
Enough is enough for sure
Bad Times
It leaves me feeling sublime.
Sep 12 · 13
Stuck in the valley below
No one really knows
I must reach the mountain top
I must have endurance and assurance in don’t stop
It will take patience and skill
But let me add having a strong will
So why am I standing still?
My mind says move
My body says what do you aim to prove?
It’s a matter in having faith
Inspiration at heart
Determination to coming from the valley to climbing in reaching the mountain top
I am that individual at the valley’s very spot
It’s a thought whether I like it or not
But nonetheless, coming out of the valley I will, but now with the swiftness having time to fill.
It starts the minute you start to write
But you must want to compose
That is called suppose
Writing comes from within
Then, When and can
If you can organize your thoughts in words of speech
Then it will be the reader that you shall reach
Now start with your writing being leverage of your own emotion
But don’t turn your writing into being a commotion
Your thoughts will guide you throughout
Whatever your writing direction
Leave the reader guessing in speculation
That is the key to true writing in appreciation
Remember, let your writing have opinions with only being suggests
Let your own words turn heads
Your writing is the leader within you
Now submit and just pursue
Let’s reflect on people’s names who loss their lives
Reflect on their honor and dignity
Their souls live on within Heaven
They walk and leave legacies
Their promise for you in giving you guidance\
Their spirit establishing strength
Hold your head up at every length
Ashes have been lifted in the air
Heaven comforts but don’t be in despair
Hope as we are all “U n i t e d”
Embrace in one another in giving support
Our tomorrow has not ended
But our living has been transcended
A world will heal
The Lord our Saviour is for real
Continue to live but always remember
Walk in peace
Drums sound
Trumpets play
Music in be calm
Weep only for the moment
Love is the key to warmth
Remember you are never alone
Continue to observe the loss in spirit
Freedom reigns and contrasts merit.
Sep 10 · 16
45 has done it again
It’s time after time
Thank god you are genuine
Merciful and kind
Lord I pray for the White House
The President needs your help
He doesn’t understand the world in situations being felt
The President needs to understand his own transgressions
The United States is in a total mess
The world sees and would confess
The GOP seems to be scare of 45
Yet they should be thankful that they are still alive
The Democrats are trying their best with thinking responsively
The Powers that be have no commitment
Responsibility seems to be over 45’s head
He rather function on his accord instead
Now the National Security Advisor has just been fired
Now whom will replace being hired
The Citizens of Bahamas had a Hurricane disaster
Lord, please help them survive
Water and Food is of short supply
Help the GOP and the Democrats in seeing eye to eye
The world is trying patiently in watching and waiting
But being patient is of a short fuse
45 needs an awakening of recuse
I also pray of an agenda in Gun Reform
Guns, Bullets and lives
Many have died while others will never be the same
45 is just plain lame
Please Lord, organize and rearrange
Let your intervention, so the world can remain sane
This I pray Oh Lord, Amen
Sep 10 · 22
It was Sept. 11, 2001
On that day, New York City was moving about and enjoying the refreshing sun
But it has always been said, quite it before the storm
Usually that is the norm
But that day seemed uneasy being a mission of Alert without warning
All eyes seemed to look to the skies
Two planes suddenly with a purpose going into the two World Trade Center Towers
The one word on everyone’s mind being “Realize”
Lives could be changed in an instance
Lives were loss
Destruction in multitudes
It seemed like a movie being a conclude
Beyond became among
Let me share my story in relation to 9/11/2001
Two days before 9/11/2001, I interviewed with Marsh & McClennan, Inc. to work on the 96th Floor at the Original World Trade Center Tower One
The next day on Sept. 10, 2001, I was told by the company I was overqualified
My name could have been read yearly in a memorial
But for me, God had a plan
It was you survived being a demand
But keep the remembrance throughout the land.
Sep 7 · 24
This was a nickname Greyhound Bus Lines gave me
I take honor and pride
It’s the inspiration behind the Greyhound ride
Houndman Cometh means at Greyhound I have arrived
Houndman Cometh and Greyhound both being a loyal connection
The Greyhound Bus name an appreciation
Houndman Cometh being my sole identification
Intrigued with highway buses you may not know
I am not trying to put on a show
I am only illustrating in putting you in the know
Houndman Cometh has nothing to do with ***
It’s not even associated with Fedex
Houndman Cometh being a totally related to the Greyhound Bus
So now you know in me being honored to be Houndman Cometh
Greyhound Bus Lines making it all possible
I am destined being my arrive
But for now, Houndman Cometh, I will take in my stride.
Sep 3 · 19
A story told Sunday in Church
I see you are starting to munch
It was testified about a Funeral of a Christian Saint
No from what I heard the attendee didn’t faint
It was a large amount of guess
Again no, it wasn’t a request
All the Minister’s that were there were asked to take off their shoes
Now I wasn’t there, and I am only giving accord in what was told, and please don’t get confused
So all the Minister’s in attendance were now in their bare socks
The Ministers were majority being the flock
But there was a strange happening, the other Minister’s big toe popped out being large and in charge
It was quick thinking in putting the shoes back on
Apparently the yearn that wasn’t strong
The big toe and the sock just couldn’t get along
So a lesson here, check the socks thoroughly before you put them on
You may find yourself in a situation where you don’t belong
The sock’s maybe at their finish, and won’t make you distinguished.
Yes you heard on the news
I am the arrival of Hurricane Dorian
I am a storm that no one is enthused
I am not a Tornado so don’t get confused
I have a path and could be heading your way
I pack a wallop so I would suggest that you don’t stay
Pack your belongings and make a quick getaway
I bring Winds, Rain and possible Thunderstorms
Now you have been warn
Yet Meteorologist has no idea in what direction I might take
The decision is Heaven’s sake
Lives are at stake
Personal property could be loss
Boats will be feeling their toss
Of course winds will definitely have a force
I am Hurricane Dorian to be a reckon
Look and watch out
I am Hurricane Dorian that no one knows, but will definitely be talked about.
You smiled through your pain like a champ
You life complete being like a brightened amp
Your fans you made them laugh
Your comedy goes beyond any TV Script
But your personality is the tip
As the Mary Tyler Moore theme song would say, “You made it After All”
It was Heaven being the call
You were called home for everlasting roam
Yet I pay tribute being an honoring Dome
You will be missed
I extend my loving kiss
I won’t cry
There is no reason to explain why
I know you are with thy
You would say to your fans, remember me through the land
Your departure being an arrival in HEAVEN
Valerie Harper, you will be remembered as a Queen Of Comedy with a motto of “Live Until Done”
This is what kept you for years being among
Your life being full of punches
Yet your comedy with the punch lines
Script lines after another you did fine
Entertainment being your top qualities
Sing and dance
Valerie Harper’s name will come up at every chance
But you achieved in advance after advance
So long Valerie Harper
I will see you on the other side
I will always remember seeing you on TV and the entertainment you did provide
Rest in peace now
The thought of you passing still has that WOW
But Heaven stands for now
Heaven awaited, and you made it after all.
Stage spotlight off
Darken Theater
No Image to see
Total Silence
Franco Columbu is no way to be
The Bodybuilding stage has loss another of its own
Franco Columbu has a name that was full blown
His strength our courage to venture
Living life being his adventure
Your posing ability perfection to the core
Your challenging mode in bodybuilding will be remembered in your taking whole
Franco Columbu, you achieved while others wondered
You had a plan that had been created yonder
Being small in Bodybuilding didn’t matter, Franco Columbu  you felt were giant being Goliath
You were used to competing other Bodybuilding Giants
I remembered seeing on ABC-TV in the Strongest Man Competition and you proved there was another side of you beside Bodybuilding, and it was strength
You went every length
Being unstoppable yet able

You were a total sportsman in every sense of the word
The Bodybuilding world is stunned of your passing
But your strength of Character will live in all of us
It’s that pumping iron experience that gives us strength to carry on
Its fan too fan being strong
You are absent from the Bodybuilding stage, but will be close to our hearts
I saw you Franco Columbu as Robin and Arnold being Batman
Conquerers with a destiny to triumphed to center stage
Mission to establish dignity in honor of Bodybuilding
You will be pumping up spiritually
I will remember you on TV in the Mr. Olympia 1975
You shined with greatness and your muscles were tensed
There’s a legacy for us, “Prove in effort until done”
You were an Achiever and Believer
Who says one shouldn’t if one never tried
Excuses is not an never option being your thought
Bodybuilding and Powerlifting work hand in hand and you proved that
It’s a known fact
You will be missed
Wine and grapes will never be the same
But your remembrance in the Bodybuilding game will always remain
As a fan you will never know
But your name Franco Columbu I will never let go
Until we see each again
My eyes look to the Heavens until when.
As the Piano sets the scene in the background
You will have to imagine being the sound
Our Drama has begun
Shirley is sitting in the living room reading a Thriller book
In fact, it made her shook
Suddenly there was a knock at the door
At first Shirley thought, should I just ignore?
Shirley was so into the book, she wanted no interruptions
But then at that moment decided to answer the door
When Shirley opened the door, she was confronted face to face with a Tall Attractive Man dressed in all black including sporting a black cap
Suddenly without warning, the Tall man pulled out a knife
Shirley immediately screamed
She definitely needed help quick
Her Neighbors heard the commotion and summoned for the Police
Shirley was in a peril and thriller beyond any book
Just when the tall man was going to attack, the Police arrived in time and saved Shirley’s life
Mysterious and Curious being a thought
But a Thriller beyond any current book Shirley was reading
Death wasn’t written in the plan
This wasn’t even at the Tall Man’s command
A peril that became a resistance
The swift movement of the Police was an instance
So a peril today was actually a turnaround being the other way.
What is it about Houndtown?
Could it be a name associated with the Greyhound bus?
Perhaps there is a relationship to the racing Hound?
Assuming is not going to help
Research is what I felt
Let’s go deeper into the story and find out about Houndtown being anywhere in the USA
The town was formed in 1924 in the backwoods being nothing more than full of forest
Hunting was its biggest hobby
However, I firmly believe hunting went beyond hobby, and into food survival
I see your mouth is drooling
But don’t get too hungry
Remember the animals roam, but I will leave that alone
Some kinfolks from Houndtown say it relates to numerous breed hounds that would be in the area
No one really knows why various hounds would be in Houndtown, but my guess being the forest in the wide open spaces
Now that would be a trace
Maybe I should add that the racing Hound got Houndtown’s start
It went beyond becoming a town on a map
It could have been Houndtown written on my cap
Yet, the racing hound being fast on its feet
Victories with very little defeat
Houndtown being a small town portion
I wasn’t born there, so from me it is only a notion
Now some historians have stated that Houndtown discovered the Fountain of Youth
Don’t rush to Houndtown looking for the potion as that would be a miracle
I have to keep it real
That is how I deal
So from what I have heard Houndtown seemed to have a lot of promise
Now I had to be honest
Houndtown with a name nobody knows, but through narration now everyone knows.
Aug 27 · 19
But for a moment, what if there wasn’t any Broadway
Imagine no music, audience and no Theaters
Hear the silence of no entertainment
But reality, the excitement of Broadway that is still here
It’s alive and kicking
Oops, I accidentally kicked someone in the ****
That is what you get when you are eager to perform
I read the book, “The Secret Life of the American Musical, How Broadway Shows are Built by Jack Viertel
Jack Viertel is the Senior Vice President of the Jujamcyn Theaters and operates Five Broadway Theaters
He has several Tony Awards for many productions on Broadway and New York’s City Center
Production is what brings Broadway to life

Yet before any show even thinks in coming to Broadway, there must be a planning stage at the beginning
The Process goes into Costumes, Props, Special Effects, Dance Numbers and Script Writing
The Costumes have to be fitted just right and shoes, Music fitting the Theme of what the Broadway play is about
The Props must compliment the stage with all the Spotlights and Color
There must be Dazzle and Razzle having appeal for the audience
Persuasion having an approach in publicity in promoting any Broadway show
There are sometimes Broadway show samples forming a presentation
I have been in some Broadway Style Musicals performing with Cast myself at the Radisson Valley Forge Hotel Convention and Entertainment Center
So I have some ideas in how Broadway shows come together

But I learned a lot about Broadway also from my Famous Great Uncle Eubie Blake who was a Pianist and Composer in Broadway Shows years gone
It was creation and perfection at its best
But in order to bring the Broadway show to full production, everything from the Script, Numerous Dress Rehearsals along with test special effects
You now have an idea of behind the scenes in how Broadway Shows are done
Broadway is ready
The stage and the curtain is ready to go up
Before I get ready to step out and perform
The Broadway experience is a thrill of a lifetime
It starts with the music and sometimes with humor
My heart is always destined expel my talent
But Broadway truly is having the sounds with applause after bound.
So you are hooked on phonetics
Introduce yourself to the keyboard and computer screen
Remember to keep your writing precise and lean
Have a dictionary beside you so know what words you want to use in how the words will fit in what you want to write, and knowing the words in the definition in what they mean
Now that the computer is ready
Then your thoughts being steady
The theory behind writing might be a composition
But then again, that would be your decision
Let’s write about what inspired you to write, and we can extend from there
But let me start with myself as an example
It was a sleepless night
There was tossing and turning
I turned on the lamp light
Words began to pop into head
This all happened while I was still in bed
Words and sentences that just came together
Sentences after sentences
References with more references
My mind began to take control
It was words and sentences that illustrated behold
I was very much surprised
But I began to realize
There was definitely writing in me
So I knew immediately at that moment, I had to pursue
Yet writing was never on my mind then
It was when telling me to start
I was totally connected and didn’t part
Writing is completing what you start
It then become right on
How’s that for your Writing 101?
Guess what, this lesson is complete and we are now done.
Aug 26 · 30
Picture walking up Sixth Avenue in Midtown New York City on West 42nd Street
As I was walking, I began to hear singing echoing in the distance
I needed to get closer in hearing more in an instance
So I decided to walk up Fifth Avenue, and I was now on West 45th Street in 1978
The music got more distinct, but there was a Choir added to the singing, and it was “America The Beautiful”
How fitting for the occasion since it was ST. Patrick’s Cathedral Centennial
The music and choir singing was simply beautiful
I felt truly youthful
It was all coming from St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue and East 50th Street
But there was an added treat
Cardinal Terrence Cooke was standing on the Cathedral steps shaking hands with all people as they passed by including yours truly the writer
It was an experience I will never forget
Yet, I have only one regret
Cardinal Cooke is no longer around
But the remembrance I am keeping found
However, for right now let me settle down
Music to my ears in telling me not to have any fear
St. Patrick’s Cathedral is still near
I can still feel the music and choir in the air.
Aug 24 · 29
I didn’t know when
I wasn’t sure how
But I knew my tomorrow was coming
It turned out to be life being continuously
I breathing fresh air miraculous
Time is like a clock
Hours into minutes
A moment into a second
That is why life is so precious
That also describes my actual being my tomorrow
It arrived ahead of schedule
No it didn’t come like a pill like a module
But when I say tomorrow, people seem to think a distance off
That would be true in certain instances
But today, my tomorrow was my face off to continue to live
It is motivation for me
I know there are theories for me to see
There is guidance that will be every step of the way
Since I am at tomorrow, I am going to be thankful today
My tomorrow enhanced the sunshine being exceptionally bright
What could have been a shade of darkness became a blessing with walk into the light
Tomorrow came, and today is.
Aug 24 · 26
Singing voice be ready
Dancing feet hold steady
I am confident being ready
I want my talent to become fame
Spotlight Center Stage being my aim
I hope I can impress
I also hope the audience will appreciate and not say they could care less
I am picturing myself on the Great White Broadway
I see myself in a musical with dazzle and sizzle coming together in harmony
Then there is the raw of the audience with a thundering applause
It could even involve a holiday number that could include Claus
I sang and I danced
This is an opportunity being a chance
Then there’s perfection in how one entertains going into advance
But first before I reach that point, I must the Judge’s attention
After all, this is my organized presentation
Pitch must be just right
I will be nervous, but must step out of stage fright
Let me perform showing excite
I am asking the Judge’s to be honest, but try to be polite
I do need encouragement, and I won’t take it light
This is New York City where entertainment always shines bright.
Aug 22 · 34
The dialog of Harry and Mary
As I tell the story, it is not merry
You see, Harry and Mary being a married couple
They have no hills in relationship to climb
The Bed Sheets spell nothing but deceit and cheat
But the way they both would cheat, one would think it was a competition in compete
Mary had a Man which was Harry’s best friend and who was Best Man at Harry and Mary’s wedding
Harry was dating one of Mary’s Female cousins
This sounds more for the Maury and Jerry Springer’s show
But I will let that go
So how did this all happen
It seems the *** wasn’t all that
There was so much arguing commotion is certainly hard to keep track
So the cheating between them both escalated with arrow piercing right through the heart
Love of Harry and Mary being like a sour lemon
They were Demons full of fire, but no relationship with desire
There is no word to the wise
The eyes seeing a cracked mirror
The image not being true in honesty
But according to Harry and Mary, their cheating is everything they want it to be
Well love don’t live here anymore
But love can be found anywhere as long as we are not together
That is according to Harry and Mary
Love on no rebound
Hear that, Harry and Mary in silence with no sound
Another beat having a retreat.
I was on vacation in Los Angeles
So I decided to see the sights
It was Hollywood in Burbank, California
The theme then, “Come home to NBC
That was in 1983
But I was far from home, but it didn’t matter because with NBC anywhere could be home
I toured the NBC Studios and saw Celebrities along the way
I saw BOB HOPE who was tall and met personally and direct, ANN JULIAN being another celebrity
But I also saw the NBC Los Angeles News Team
However, it wasn’t just NBC alone as it was the acting and effects that makes NBC being NBC
We took an adventure into outer space, but we survived being our own trace
We also analyzed the game show of the “Wheel of Fortune” behind the scenes
The Wheel is nothing more than thin paper but you don’t see that on Television
In fact, the camera camouflages so you wouldn’t see what we saw
The labels on the wheel are glued and not exactly straight
This was my NBC adventure
Seeing the Studio a total venture
So I came home to New York from NBC Bliss
I was determined, I surely didn’t miss.
Aug 20 · 22
Heaven Heaven being ever so far
It’s not a place where you can get to by car
Yet it is an everlasting place
A city that no one can erase
Believers who confess will have everlasting life
The scriptures offer encouragement and provide advice
The Lord has said, “I go to prepare a Heavenly place”
Invitation to all having a trace
But there is a provision that everyone must abide
Come out of darkness and don’t hide
In order to see Heaven one must think Heaven
Be born again with praising salvation
This would be the Lord’s appreciation
Jesus died and Rose so that we could live life abundantly
Heaven is for everyone, and it is not for a chosen few
It’s an honor to be Heaven bound
Praising and rejoicing would be the sound
Earth will not be our home
Heaven is a place to joyfully roam
Heaven is the city that is well known
Man will never fleshly find
The Lord is simply genuine
So Heaven, are you all ready to arrive?
Do you anticipate in your stride?
Heaven will never fade away
But hold on to salvation and not go astray
Heaven Heaven
My hands in confess are up in praise
You are the Lord that offers a miraculous amaze
My eyes to the Heavens and the wonders of my soul
Behold Behold
Heaven only knows
The S.S. Voyager being a Merchant Ship
But as you keep reading the story you will find there was also a dip
As the Storm started to brew
The sea waves began to raw
It was high waves in what the Captain and crew saw
The Mighty winds began to blow at a steady pace
It was a wonder if the S.S. Voyager would be another ship erased
But it wasn’t just the wind and the Seas
It was the loudness of the Thunder, Flashing of Lightening and torrential rains that poured
But the entire element being controlled by the Mighty Lord
The S.S. Voyager fought the Mighty waves like a Rollercoaster in leaps and turns
The ship would often dip from side to side
But it seemed like the waves were telling the ship you will reside
Yet the Cargo managed to hold steady
The Ship maneuvered up and down with a hard front splash down
The splash of the ship the crew heard being the sound
But Captain Newsome was determined in getting the ship through uncertain waters
But the crew wasn’t exactly comfortable in their quarters
It was despite the uncontrollable breeze
It was hard for the crew to remain at ease
Captain Newsome steered the ship in hope that the ship doesn’t sink but remain a float
Captain Newsome was a men fierce being no joke
It was as if Captain Newsome got his wish
The Storm seemed to suddenly disappear
The clouds started to fade away
The moon became visible and not astray
The night sky had all the stars
The S.S. Voyager continued on its destination far
It seemed the ship wasn’t going to make it, but the ship pulled through, but to the Captain, it was all nothing new.
Many movies have portrayed “Miracle on 34th” versions beyond the actual
But I actually worked during the ordeal
My story is certainly for real
I have been with Macy’s Thirty-Seven Years
Through the years, I managed to preserver
It was during the Macy’s-Gimbels era is what I went through
I am sure you see the clue
It was a time when a Macy’s and Gimbels Buyers had lunch
There was talk of merchandising while they munched
Business was discussed on Macy’s side and Gimbels found out about Macy’s Strategy
So Gimbels explored Macy’s campaign
Well the aftermath that shall remain
So Macy’s was outraged with what had transpired from Gimbels
Macy’s decided to spy on Gimbels to see what concept they could pick up
Macy’s couldn’t get the whole element since Gimbels had their plan complex
So Macy’s became upset
Yet they knew they needed a plan of their own to be competitive
But its Macy’s in wanting to be objective
I worked in the CEO & Chairmen, Edward Finkelstein’s Executive Office along with his Executive Assistant, Veronica and I was their Typist
So an email went out stating to all Macy’s employee’s that we were not to discuss any Macy’s business with Gimbels
This was a different kind of miracle
But that was the day back then
However, the Macy’s and Gimbels competition comrades came to final end.
Aug 13 · 17
This immigration reject has gone too far
Now our President thinks he is another Czar
If that is not enough
Listen to this scruff
Now the President wants to change the poem Plague on the Statue Of Liberty
The Statue Of Liberty is a symbol of Freedom
“Come one Come All”
Our President wants to change the Statue Of Liberty Poem to “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet, and who will not become a public charge”
That is not the Freedom way
It sounds totally for immigrants to completely stay away
It’s the year 2019
The theory in don’t make America here
We don’t want you to become our heir
Imagine being on a cruise ship passing an Angry Statue Of Liberty
It’s a face of hate
A Statue Of Liberty that no one would appreciate
Picture the Statue Of Liberty arm pointing to get out
Our Forefathers put the Constitution into law
They conquered and saw
The Constitution was written in stone
That means the President should leave alone
The Statue Of Liberty Poem states in what it should say
But the President can’t just get his way
I wouldn’t be surprised if Liberty Island becomes Forbidden Island
The President is adding “Don’t you dare
America is a place of beware
The Statue Of Liberty is a landmark
Now it will have a Trump Scar
President Trump wants to be another Czar.
Aug 13 · 18
I smell Freedom
But I am living wisdom
The sun just leaves me warm
Humidity is high, but makes me hot
It doesn’t matter if the Slave Masters have a plot
Slavery is a like it or not
But God is my shield
His Heavenly Grace is for real
God’s goodness is my meal
I have been beaten and torn
My bruises feel like thorns
The Slave Masters are Evil with Devil Horns
Heaven sees and knows
My situation is going to change
Slavery will definitely have a rearrange
But I will cry out loud Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
Dignity I will sustain
My will in determination shall remain
Wisdom being thorough understanding
No matter what, my spiritual praise uplifted
Heaven being my prize
The Slave Masters shall realize
But Heaven is what keeps me energized.
Aug 13 · 18
It was Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “I have a dream”

His dream became my destiny in determination

It was let drive help me to follow through

Malcolm X

“By any means necessary”

Where there is determination, a destination must have a departure and arrival

The preparation in being ready to arrive with goals in mind

Medgar Wiley Evers

“You can **** a man, but you can’t **** a dream”

The whole concept is everlasting

You can **** a person, but reality of the dream can live on, and can come to the surface like a boat in a bottle

Dr. Betty Shabazz, Widow of Malcolm X

“I wish you success that equals your talent and determination”

I am an Alumni of CUNY Medgar Evers College, and had the honor and pleasure to have her teachings being one of my many Professors

To me, Talent and Determination must be a balanced scale of parallel in forming one’s true potential

In other words, where talent begins the journey, it’s determination that continues the journey into the everyday life cycle

To sum up entity, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and Dr. Betty Shabazz all offered me encouragement in achieving in life being their given right

A plight  might be considered a block, the theory is getting pass any boundary no matter what, but with solid thinking in getting around that road block of life

Knowledge is Power

Understanding is Golden

Achieving is Splendor

The Foundation having its own award and accord

Horizons too see, and objectives in sustaining what they should be.
Aug 12 · 12
It seems being a Black doesn’t help in getting a job
We seemed to have gone back into time
What might be a matter back in the 50’s and 60’s in Racial Discrimination
It still exists even today 2019
The matter is, Hiring Managers have their own philosophy of a Black applicant
Whatever happened to ability?
The color of one’s skin doesn’t qualify with looking beyond talent
It’s illustrating no chance
But it’s a true opportunity in how one advance
Abilities with experience and is pointed out on the Resume
But Hiring Managers are making its business to turn a Black person’s Resume a boundary with another purpose in interviewing another Ethnic Group being a dismay
A Black person can have all the necessary qualifications, but will be told, “We are not moving forward with your Application”
I guess “Overqualified” is played out
But the question that will always come out is why?
Affirmative Action doesn’t even qualify on the application and don’t even understand the purpose of why it is even there
Resume’s show regardless the Racial Factor of what qualities in experiences being efforts candidates have achieved
The compensation may not be right
But when it comes to ability, the applicant can say what their abilities are not the Interviewer unless a test has proven otherwise
Interview me as a person and not Racial color involved
The purpose, there won’t be a Racial profiling to solve.
Riches he doesn’t have
Luxurious life he wished he had
A woman whose understanding
A relationship that is withstanding
A job that is fulfilling
Being a Black Man is like having a curse
All the negativity needs a reverse
Being a Black Man goes beyond fact
But that’s how society see’s the Black Man being exactly like that
It’s the Black Man in sorrow
It’s a wonder if the Black Man knows he has a tomorrow
Survival seeming like a war
Assumption having no ambition to go far
The Black Man is considered a nut
Yet, it is the Black Man stuck in his own rut
There is no theory surrounding but
The Black Man needs to build up his own self-esteem
It doesn’t require any Black Man to be mean
Society will never do
In fact, they don’t intend to
The Black Man has every right to be mad
But he should not be sad
The labelling has a following that has been said for years
The Black Man doesn’t deserve to preserver
It’s the Black Man that must always have fear
The society doesn’t want the Black Man near
The Black Man’s life is considered like a novel page tear
If the Black Man doesn’t exist, there is no missing page
In essence, the Black Man has a right to have rage
But the Black Man can change in life and rearrange
The Black Man has the power to repair with principles in amend.
I thought once I broke up with my ex-girlfriend, I would never love again
The Girlfriend I thought I knew was definitely not the one
I thought there was a connection, but we are done
Love I always thought would be everlasting
So one chapter ended
But another just transcended
Walking home and not looking for another Girlfriend, another companion came into my life
I didn’t even ask for advice
I just thought, “Seek and you shall find”
But again, I wasn’t really looking
I guess hope said give love another try
But my mind kept thinking why?
However, when my soon to be new companion approached
I thought this was a set up being a joke
But the Female Companion was totally sincere
Somehow I came out of fear and wanted love to be near
Well my new female companion and I dated, and learned about each other
One thing I did discover
Don’t walk on by without giving a love a try.
Action with no introduction at the start because the movie was making its mark
It was impact from start to finish
Of course Hobbs and Shaw had to be distinguished
The Plot with excellent stunts
Security combinations with all the scientific fonts
Hobbs being Athletic
Shaw being himself Authentic
The movie has all the movies
But there is a sense of purpose with things to prove
Man verses robotics in humans just win, but the thought was could man actually defeat robotics
Explosions after explosions
Robotics being revolutionized
It was like seeing the Million Dollar Man TV series with rebuilt advanced electronics beyond modern man
Advanced brain maneuvers beyond man’s ability
But total Aesthetic
It was speed into acceleration
Even the High speed chase made the viewer wonder in what will happen next
At times, it seemed a little complex
The idea was saving the world from a destructive Virus
Hobbs and Shaw assigned to the mission
But it seemed that one needed permission
Yet it was a movie well done
But it really only begun
There is another side
A continuation that seems wants to temporary hide
We will have to wait and see what the sequel will provide.
Aug 10 · 22
It all happens under one roof
It’s intriguing to the youth
I am your Narrator and Ring Leader
What better to tell about the Circus while being Front and Center
Young and Old, please enter
Now that everyone is seated
You are about to be greeted
Let the clowns introduce themselves
Laughter and unexpected surprises should be on your face
It will be powder thrown
You the audience caught in the action being an unknown
A Clown will be sitting in your lap
Don’t be surprised if you will be wearing a Clown Cap
But one thing that will be sure, you will be in some much laughter, you won’t want a nap
Now that the Circus has begun, it is now time for some spectacular fun
I am so glad you are among
Look high above, it’s a Trapeze act that will have you sighing with Ah
Transformation from one Trapeze feat after another
But stay in your seat and not on your feet
Take in the talent as you view above
Perhaps become a Trapeze Artist yourself you will be thinking of
So you want more
I am happy to explore
Imagine if the animals could talk, but that would be through Dr. Doolittle
Yet the Circus animals are their own show, some fierce while others are just plain lovable and tamed
It’s about pleasing the audience and that is the aim
Elephants doing various tricks
Look out, you are about water in your face being the Elephant’s pick
Tiger’s and Lion’s on my
Watch from seat as the Tiger’s and lion’s are behind the cage
But don’t worry they are not in rage
The Lion Tamer has everything under control
The amazement will leave you breathless taking hold
All this happens Center Stage
The show of all shows at any age
******* jacks and Popcorn fitting for the Circus
But it is the audience taking it all in as they witness
The curtain and lights come down
Applause from the audience will be coming the crowd
Entertainment in Razzle Dazzle
Circus fun
On the road again, the circus is done.
In Building 8, a Husband was cheating on his Wife
The neighbors were trying to encourage with advice
But the whole situation didn’t turn out so nice
It seems the Husband had been sleeping around
There was evidence being found
The other Woman had the nerve to call the Wife to move out
But between the two women was nothing but shouts
Commotion led to another
The Wife was determined she would not accept the other
The Wife confronted her Husband on his affair
His attitude was he just didn’t care
So the Wife hired an investigator on her Husband’s every move
She wanted photos for evidence to prove
But the Wife knew that her Husband wasn’t that smooth
So the investigator captured all her Husband steps
It was all at the right timing from the first time Her Husband and other Women met
The so called other Woman turned out to actually be a man
Yeah you read right
What may sound like might was a man named Mike
So that would mean, the Husband was ***
At least we got that cleared away
The Wife was quite upset
Her thought on the marriage being a regret
But somehow, the Wife had to know there were some signs
The Wife couldn’t have been that blind
But just keep that in mine
This is what some Rochdale Wives go through
But in reality, this is nothing new
It feels more like a Soap Opera sleuth
The spider webs from the closet caught the husband in his own stew.
Aug 8 · 20
As time moves forward
Is your time being well spent?
Are you letting time pass you by?
It’s time making time
But it is you to keep that in mine
Time never forgets
But it is you that always has regrets
This is your time to think
It’s nothing written in ink
What do you expect from time?
It is not in the wine and dine
It’s how much effort you put in it
The Hour Glass of sand is almost running out
At this very moment you should be feeling an angry shout
Time has put you on a schedule
You feel like you are in a module
There is some similarities between you and time in compare
At the time of the Earth’s creation
It was a time of evolution
Time took part in human’s existence
But ever since, it’s been Human’s time resistance
But there will come a time when time will suddenly stop
Time will no longer been your concern
Your life could be like ashes in an urn
Time waited, but you didn’t excel
Now you are wondering, oh hell.
Aug 8 · 16
Round and Round
Now you are looking for solid ground
Turn and Turn
You are trying to figure out in what did you learn
Round and Round
You are hearing absolutely no sound
Bound to nowhere
Your movement has no fanfare
Exit being unknown
There are no instructions shown
The idea is that this is a lesson
In order to move about through a circle, you must also know how to get out
So round and round you will continue to go
Recapture the moment being slow
Circling round, but is the exit found
You are trapped in a circle and feeling dizzy
This task certainly wasn’t easy
How much more can you take?
Well that is a decision that only you can make
Getting out the circle is at stake
I am sure knowledge you would appreciate
There is a certain way to get out the circle
Find your way.
I remember at CUNY Medgar Evers College, Ms. Morrison came to speak about her Novel, “TAR BABY”
I thought, distinction
Author, Philosopher and Motivator all rolled into one Toni Morrison
Endless writing days and nights
Ms. Morrison’s life filled with words
Stories to tell
Her stories hit home like a ringing of the bell
Throughout her stories were assertions of her beginnings
Her own words with a devoted mind
Ms. Morrison a commodity at will
But there’s more to Toni Morrison even still
She was as Philosopher within
Her words of inspiration sounding like musical instruments with a device tempo
Taking only brief pauses in making sure her words were actually being taken in
As a Novelist, Ms. Toni Morrison strived
She lived her dream to write
Ms. Toni Morrison creativity was like a river turning into a rushing flowing stream
It was her freshness having golden delight to intrigue
But it was Toni Morrison’s determination that told her to proceed
Ms. Morrison labored what she enjoyed and that was entertaining people through her writing and encouragement
Ms. Toni Morrison’s name will never be taken away
She is in Heaven and is simply ok
Until we meet again on the other side
Let my books and words continue to inspire
When questions are in doubt about you
Did you see what I have accomplished?
When answers become uncertain?
I am a believer in hope and my hope comes from a higher authority
Toni Morrison answered that call
Her legacy has been established for all.
This is good bye world
My tolerance I can no longer stand
Everyone I come in contact seems to be my destroy
My life isn’t totally mine
My soul cries out
My flesh will soon diminish
My image was never distinguished
A knife I hold in hand being a quick death
My hour glass of time has run out
I will be no more
I see darkness being my final curtain
I have been tormented my entire life
I don’t need anyone’s advice
Uncontrollable storms that just don’t stop
The knife has pierced my heart
Blood pours
Once again, bye world
My death has already taken effect
Don’t have sorrow
There will be no tomorrow
Pity me not
Condemnation fits my slot
Finalization, I have gone beyond.
Aug 2 · 27
Hula to the shores
I see a Tsunami coming which I can’t ignore
I guess my hula caused a tidal wave
Ok hips, you need to behave
The hula must be done just right
But looking at my hips is a pitiful sight
Even the sun looks mad
Now that makes me feel sad
So much for the hula skirt
People on the beach are making a smirk
Let me stop using the hula with my hips before I cause an Earthquake
Even Heaven is saying, “For peak sake”
I guess one would have to give or take
Now attempting to do to the hula I do believe was a big mistake.
Those lips on mine
I remember all so well
Yes, I got to tell
We embraced in a kiss under the Moon
The Moon seemed to smile
But it was that fascinated kiss while
Love came out through Sarah Brown’s kiss
Now that is something no one can miss
No woman I ever dated could compare in Sarah Brown’s kiss
Sarah Brown’s kisses were on impulse
Her kisses elevated my pulse
That kiss was like, “Look what you have done to me”
But Sarah Brown was a sweet thing
That kiss will always be my sling
Sarah Brown’s kiss have transported both of us to the Moon and into the Milky Way
But I am ok
Sarah Brown, your kiss will always be my relay
You heard, “The kiss to my lips”
Sarah Brown, I know it has been awhile
There was something about you because you had style
I wonder even now in where you are at
Your kiss was a devoted kiss
That is the impact your kiss had on me
Our lives seemed to have turned a different twist
Yet kiss me now into everlasting.
Jul 30 · 28
Heaven destined for all
Soul’s call
Heaven the place the Lord wants us all to be
In fact, it’s we
It’s a place to rejoice
It’s praise with blessing voice
It is an honor one day to be in Heaven
Heaven being the place of eternal everlasting
Faith and trust in the Lord
His holy name in one accord
Trust and continue to believe
Situations to overcome in hope being relieved
Hell being a place nobody should ever be
I don’t want that to include me
I want the Lord to say, “For being Faithful, Heaven is your award
The Lord will stretch his praying hands over me, and his hands will be like an honor sword
It will be thankful and glory Lord
I trust in Heaven in the Lord’s grace
Right now, it is a test against time feeling like a race
Yes, it’s Heaven in wanting us to be ready
But continue in Faith holding steady
Think on Heaven in full trust
But it is an absolute must
But if you keep the Faith and believe, it will be a Heavenly plus
In Heaven I trust.
Her two Fathers who were mighty
What’s in the Thor name don’t take lightly
It was the strength of the God of Thunder
But there is a new Wonder
He had a daughter, Thor Athena, God of Creation
Just like her Father, she stands for Justice for civilization
She swings her hammer proving supreme
When it comes to Justice, Thor Athena shows Evil mean
Her own brother is jealous being Thor Athena is the Queens, and all civilization bows down to her
Well her brother Loki will never accept
Loki has his own concept
Rule over good and make bad
That sounds so sad
But on Asgard, it becomes a moment of uncertainty
Even though Loki with full of greed
Thor Athena will always be able to proceed
She has her Grandfather and Father guiding her deed.
Jul 29 · 23
In church on Sunday gone, one of the Ministers within the church preached a sermon with the theme, “WHERE IS YOUR FAITH?”
Look at the world in turmoil
People are living with not believing in Faith on this Earth soil\
How many people do you think don’t have Faith?
Too many to count huh
You would be counting into everlasting
Faith is a matter in having hope in believing
The blessings come when Faith is for you in receiving
But doubt seems to overshadow keeping people from reaching Faith altogether
Whether or not one believes in Faith, doubt only becomes temporary where Faith will take over
If you want hope, one must be open to believe
In order to overcome any struggle, one must believe there is assurance in overcoming
There is False Hope
This is where one thinks they can’t cope
But it is Faith that helps you cope and gives you hope
True Faith is moving through a storm and knowing you won’t be harmed
That is true Faith with the full garment of assurance
The full praise influence
Assurance you can count on through Faith
You are never alone
Yet Faith will always let itself be shown
The fulfillment being known
So try Faith when things get you down
Start believing and watch as Faith picks you up and praising being your sound.
Jul 28 · 14
If I advised you to read
Would you proceed?
If I motivated you now
I need to give you encouraging words in how
Would you be able in Decision Making?
You would have examine in thinking while presenting
There will be a time in life for you to think
It might be documented for you in plain simple ink
It might be a possibility
Yet with clear thinking would be a motivation in movement in acceleration
Life doesn’t always offer appreciation
People can put you in condemnation
The whole concept is reality
Live your dream
Make your life of success being like a moving flowing stream
It’s not an imagination
It’s inspiration full of appreciation
It may sound like a contradiction
But remember, it is up to you in thinking like an institution
You have talent and you don’t even know it
Every day you function making decisions as they come, and that states talent and assurance of course
Your reading what I am stating and that means you are probably listening
In order to encourage others, you yourself must be inspired
Yet to inspire, you must reach learn before you enter teach
Your thoughts and ideas must be encountered in whom you want to reach
Here are some helpful words in the process called DEVOTED, COMMITMENT, ESTABLISH, IDEALISTIC and CONTINUOUS
In plan simple language, Start until finished
Life itself is never ending, but becomes finished once the hourglass says, you have completed your work
Walk and observe in taking your place in life
If uncertain in things, you can always get advice
But let it be a reliable source
Use it in your every day life as a resource
But be assured as you stay the course.
Jul 28 · 21
What is tomorrow?
A question that would often be answered the next day
But the thought is not wait for tomorrow what you can accomplish today
Your many objectives in life are delayed because instead of thinking today, you are concentrating on tomorrow
Yet, do you have your agenda for tomorrow that is come?
Today could have been that very opportunity
Yet put meaning in your life with a purpose
Just like your ideas come to the surface
Let’s don’t forget fulfillment
That fulfillment is a commitment
What do you want tomorrow to bring?
Hope, Peace and Prosperity
But that could also happen today
You would be waiting for tomorrow to make a change
However, you have the power today to rearrange
Tomorrow will be calling, but are you ready to answer?
Tomorrow could be your very day to succeed
But today wants you to proceed
Life has many choices in making your objectives
The key is don’t get discouraged in fed up
It doesn’t matter if you are seeking a business, but the thought would be what kind?
Perhaps you want to enter Theatrical, but preparation is in order
In order to achieve in life, one be enhanced in knowing what you want your objective to be
But live that today and not tomorrow
Resources in knowledge are your supplement
You turn your spotlight into insight
The mission is take the course
You are your own Judge in what you construct in life
The spokesperson is you
Now that will be something for you to think through
How will you accomplish that?
Mapping the idea like a blueprint in building something
Like a Skyscraper, think tall and high
Think ahead to your future that would be tomorrow on today
But your life is now you chose
Don’t let anyone interpret in making you confused
Life will definitely show you the way
It will be a survival guide in telling you don’t go astray
Make it your chance
Be confident in your stance
Now I have alerted you well in advance.
The story of a travelling little girl that was intrigued by a hand at the steering wheel
It all happened on a bus in the south
These are my words straight with the account from my mouth
As the narration goes, a little girl who ventured on a regular basis traveling from Houston, Texas to St. Charles, Louisiana
It wasn’t just any trip, it was family visits
All covered by the Hound Bus, but there was something about that Hound Bus and it was the Operator that was always the driver
I am going to say the name of the Driver being Harry
Now I don’t know much about Harry and the Little Girl, but I do know, there was admiration and a feeling of belonging
I do know that the Little Girl back then was his number one travelling passenger
I was on my way to Houston, Texas after spending 7 Days in New Orleans
So the bus made a stop in St. Charles, Louisiana where a Female Adult boarded going to Houston sharing with me her story with knowing the Hound Bus Driver since she was a Little Girl
I found it interesting to learn, she was still friends even in her Adulthood.
But remember, we are in the South and South always show hospitality and greetings that last a lifetime
I observed when the driver asked the Female Adult to do certain things with the tickets in punching, and she definitely knew what to do
I knew then, yes, and that Little Girl never forgot and the Driver was like her Dad
The Female Adult travelled on that route on a regular basis
The Hound Bus was no stranger, and the story certainly not out of the ordinary
I will never forget that day with a remembrance as if it was yesterday
It was the affection and caring like a Father to a Daughter
The Hound Roadrunner showing the way
A Little Girl all grown up returning the admiration and in the passenger seat where she wants to stay.
Jul 20 · 19
I might sound to some a weird request
But this is my desire in confess
Instead of putting me in a conventional coffin, just let it be a bus
Now you are probably thinking, is this an absolute must?
But it is really no fuss
Bus passion is always and will continue to be in my heart
It’s my own personal flowchart
It doesn’t have to be a Hound nor Trailways bus, and could even be a School bus
So it can be a bus of any kind
But let the bus be genuine
However, I would be dead, it wouldn’t matter anyway as I could very well be put into a hefty garbage metal can, and I wouldn’t know as the dead tell no tail
Actually, I am only stating for thought
It’s nothing needing to be fought
I don’t expect it too happen
I am certainly not going to push
But that is only an inspired wish
I pretty much have your attention
So was all nothing more than my presentation
But than again, there is no telling what kind of response I will get
I have no regret
One can dream with an imagination
One can also say stating the indication
But this is my moment of my own print streaming
Now please don’t start screaming
My words with a bus coffin in adding to my devoted passion
This concludes our session.
Jul 20 · 29
Before you take that sip
Have I got a tip
You are about to read a different caravan
Ever heard of wine glasses extending from the floor to the height of an average person?
Hold on to your thirst
I witnessed myself when I was on vacation in Tijuana, Mexico
We spent the day in Tijuana on a Gray Line Sightseeing tour starting in San Diego, California where I was staying
As I explored Tijuana moving about, I began to get thirsty, but we were told in San Diego to not drink anything, so we didn’t
The reason, the Tour Company didn’t want us to get Montezuma’s Revenge
As I witnessed Wine Glasses being tall, I had to get close
Within the Café, the Wine glasses were certainly tall with straws to match
No, there is no catch
Yet, I often feared that if those tall wine glasses were bummed into, that would be a definite alcoholic mess with the possibility to a stray animal such as a cat or dog or even an insect that would get drunk
It may sound funny, but is no bunk
To the average person drinking the first couple of sips, I am sure they would be drunk
So Tall Wine Glasses with the feeling of an ever ready
But would feel so what unsteady
Yet wine glasses that stand tall
Drink up for thirst that would establish the pallet for all.
I am sure it wasn’t me
But let me bus illustrate in me for you to see
It happened when I was a little Tot
But I was little I didn’t know how to even tie a knot
Yet it was that very day when my Aunt took me shopping at Macy’s Herald Square
It was Yellow School buses that started me from there
My bus enthusiasm seemed to come alive
I am serious with no jive
There were all these all Marquee Eyes moving back and forth
Accompanied with a Stack of Yellow School buses, you know who had to have one
But wait, and I am not done
So I picked up one of the yellow school buses in sheer delight
Unknowingly to my Aunt, the bus in my hand was going to be her plight
My Aunt later discovered the bus was in my hand, and demanded that I put the bus back
As a Tot, I wanted that bus to be in my stack
Of course I refused to put back
My Aunt tried to take the bus from my hand, and I held onto that bus for dear life
As a Tot I didn’t offer any advice
My Aunt was forced to buy that specific bus, and that was nice
So my bus history ventured from there
I am Greyhound at heart, and it was that Hound Dog that the impression on my mark
Now its move forward, and only reflect for a moment
My time is bus time
My inspiration extends for a lifetime.
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