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Aug 2014
Decisions made without a thought
Are not the things that can be taught
Split second ones can fill the page
That cross my mind then disengage

Abulia comes within one's doubt
A minute passed they may die out
One life is saved another lost
Do what we can at any cost

Then think things over if you must
The longer wait can cause mistrust
Don't stop to ponder then react
By then she's gone no second act

I told my love “touch you to breathe”
Each moment counts her face I sheathe
We have all be told or advised to take time
when making a decision.  However, there are
situations where split decisions are paramount,
like in this poem, both in profession, and closer
to the one's we love.

The couplet at the end, the part in quotations,
was personal, made up by the author years ago,
and basically means you love someone so much
you have to “touche them to breathe” store
up enough oxygen while she's gone so one can
live.  The meter is off on it.  Oh
Poem is written in Iambic
read with a beat of unstressed then STRESSED
syllable....e.g   last  line:   by THEN she's GONE
no SE-cond ACT.      This is for those trying to
learn meter or don't know but might like to know.
I had a mentor and am still learning this stuff, so
am not barely getting it.   Thomas
Written by
Thomas  Texas
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