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Aug 2014
These suicidal thoughts are not even mine
its ugly *** force that's wants  to take what's mine
but this demon can't have it
so I gotten keep spittin
jus so I can grasp it ******* myself and I need to let up
I'm champion and there is no giving up
I'm the best *** the rest I'm just writing this **** just to get it off my chest
and if you ever had these thoughts yo put em to rest
kuz everydays a new day for you to do your best
*** this demon it can not have my life
that's not the way I'm going kuz I'm headed to the top
I got the world on my finger and its spinin like a top
there's no such things as failure
I'm shipin cargo  guess you can call me a sailor
ain't never been to jail so I ain't speaking to the bailer
suicide thoughts yeah they all end to day
I'm on the rode to success some how some way!
Your OK just be you!
Junior ideal legacy
Written by
Junior ideal legacy  vegas
   Sameer Denzi and Rachel Lyle
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