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Dec 2010
I see you there.
Having some drink with her.
Looking so happy and all out.
With the music thundering out loud.

She takes your hand and puts it on her.
As she looks deep into your eyes.
Such a longing and hopeful gaze.
But my heart runs cold as ice.

Then she kisses you.
Like the last drop of autumn dew.
You put your hand on her thigh.
Lingers there for a while.

I sip my last drop of wine.
Feel it seeping through this heart of mine.
People dancing on the dance floor distracting me.
But you're the only one i have come to see.

She kisses you again more.
And you touch her passionately as she jerks off like an innocent *****.
I touch my self dancing the night away.
Touch me touch her i want to say.

Touch her like you touch me
Let her in like you embrace me.
Tonight my blood would dry very soon.
With the rhythm of your passion.

Touch her like you touch me...
Touch her...
Touch her...
I want you to touch her...
Written by
     𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 and rhi
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