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Dec 2010
Caught in the system
No where to run No where to hide
The law more our foe then friend

Our young mothers
Caught in the welfare system
Not able to get out
Before getting ****** in to the governments game
Trying to beat the system
Not aware that the system is beating them

Our sons getting caught up
In the street system
Being stereo-typed and classified
To fit their own beliefs
Being harassed by our Police officers
who are supposed to protect and serve
But instead think they
Are above the law
The judge, jury and the executioner

This world that we live in
Is full of chaos and destruction
Not only chased by our district cops
But by devious gangsters
That think they own the streets
Growing up in a world
Of drugs, crime and greed
Money the ruler of all evil

Our sons getting shipped of
To fight a war that they don’t believe in
Fighting for a man that doesn’t have
our best interest at heart

Our daughters living in a world of
material things and money
taking the saying *** sells literally
the times have changed
Girls are the aggressive ones now
Seeing what they want and going for it
Anything goes at any and all cost

In the midst of it all
Losing face, self respect and common sense
Shaking what our mothers took 9 months to make
Showing our self-loath with the clothes they wear
Putting it down to not being ashamed of our bodies and being free

In actually reality we have imprisoned ourselves in our minds
Diluting this life we call freedom repeating our past
Not knowing that our failures today are our failures tomorrow
The system is designed to entrap and snare
To detain and restore
To be lost and forgotten and never thought of again no more
Written by
Quarnisha Williams
   Pure LOVE
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