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Standing on the edge of despair
my life spiraling out of control
I call out to the one above
who knows me better than I know myself
Spiritually down I called to the upmost high
Asking the Lord for his grace and mercy
Drained I go bout my day my shoulders a lot lighter
already feeling burdens being lifted
Letting him do his will realizing I couldnt do it by myself
When I let go and let God
Things in my life started changing for the better
Things begin to make since again
Doors opened that I thought were closed to me
As I praised and gave thanks to the one who made it possible
I looked at my life and determined
the reason why things are the way they were
I had lost my way and my faith had waivered
Not doing the things I knew i needed to do
with out prayer and work I was allowing the devil
to dictate my life with chaos and confusion
Leaving destruction in my path
As I look back on my life recognizing all the miracles
and things that he had his hand in
Reconfirming that God can do all things.
Thinking about you in every word

Your hair...

Your lips...

Your smile...

and your eyes...

Thinking that you are




and wise...

I love the way you


the way you talk...

the way you say my name...

There are days that I

Miss you...

Desire you...

Care for you...

and love you...

I sometimes sit and wonder if you

Are thinking of me.....
My life is in shambles

Stress taking over my life

the constant drinking trying to drown

this feeling hoping with this false

courage that can deal

Tired of being angry

Tired of being sad

Tired of crying, tear ducts depleted

I can't breathe or sleep

Everything is in turmoil

Feeling helpless there is no easy fix

Exhausted from all this pain, misery and heartache

Temper flairing at the most minut things

Can't seem to catch a break

Everything is falling apart all around me

This is more than I can handle

My stability is being rocked

Rocked to the core
The scorching fire heats up your soul

The flame the color of red, orange and blue

Water its enemy and wood its food source

A beautiful thing can be so powerful

and destructive at the same time

The fire travels through the forest

making a path in its wake

Burning everything in sight to ashes

Making the animals who are fast run for their lives

The unfortunate ones burn to a crisp in howling rage

When its all over the forest is left to its own devices

To pull itself together

To start over again in its circle of life

As another fire stats in the city

Burning its 5 story home in its fiery grave

Having no remorse the battle wages on between fire and water

Each putting up a good fight to the very end

When water conquers all in its victory
The sky is cloudy then gradually turns black

No stars or mmon in the sky

In the distance you see

A streak of light across the sky

Followed by a booming sound

The air still with humidity

Reminding me when i was little

How my mother used to explain to me

About how the Greeks Gods were fighting

Then God started crying big drops of tears

The winds picked up howling like a child

in pain with each gust

The lights on the tower twinkling in the distance

wanting the comfort of my momma's body heat

I crept in the bed with her

Her soft voice as she reassured me everything

Will be okay answering my questions as

a mother would to her daughter

Sheltering me from this harsh world

As I grew up realize that a storm wasn't

Just the weather but goes on in life

The turmoil, the clash between negative and positive

The good and the bad

As the waves lull you to sleep
A sudden noise raises you but of your dreams
And then you spot a breaching whale
that feels you with aspiration
The waves lapping at your boat making
a rhythm that is music to your ears
The saltiness in the air making your lips chapped
The wind whipped all around you
Making a thundering sounds on your sails
The sound of the ocean brings tears to your eyes
How could something so peaceful and tranquil be full of music
Donning scuba gear you prepare to swim with the fishes
But once down there nothing prepares you for what you see
The ocean is so blue and then so green at the same time
A sight that takes your breath away
Time lapse while you're swimming this colorful world
Seeing many beautiful creatures in their truest form
Then to your left you see what you've never thought you would be able to see
Two dolphins and a baby swimming behind a school of fishes
You experience what people only dream about complete serenity

Brow beaten and body bent shoulders tense

With a headache in the midst

Dragging, you push through the day

Your only thought is of a soft bed awaiting your arrival

Awaiting the feel of comfort to wrap its self around you

The prospect of a soak in a hot bubble bath

helps you get through the day

You can picture it, salt beads with candles lit all around

Melting in the water along with your problems soothing your aching body

As your worries disappear with each breathe

Your mind travels back to the troubles of the day

Thanking God that its all over

And you start fresh the next day

Happy to be at home in your safe enviroment

You slip into your most comfortable pj's

And curl yourself up with a good book to wind down

The pressures of the day tucked in for the night

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