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Jul 2014
Part VI

I awaken,
With sand in my eyes.
And wonderment is in my mind.
I've come upon the fabled Lymeria,
And I, for once, am surprised.

The mountains, as told, were shining of gold,
And the oceans were diamonds untold.

The rainbows were vivid with color,
And the forests were vivid with life.

I've come across,
A legend lost,
The twelve islands of Lymeria.

I know that I
Am no longer confined,
And I realize I've now lived my life.

I see the spheres of my own eyes,
And I notice the stars in the sky.
My youth is still timed,
And I eat from the trees,
My purpose has entered my life.

Soon I know, I'll take a flight,
Through the borders of Earth uncharted.
Soon, I know, that I will find,
And idealize the meanings of life.
Written by
Beleif  Texas
   Mary Elizabeth
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