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Mary Elizabeth Mar 2015
I watched as you fled
I watched as you left me for dead
I watched as you left me with a bullet through my head
Mary Elizabeth Feb 2015
The smile on your face
The song on your tongue
Your rough, warm voice
When the day is done

The words that you speak
The sound of your laughter
That you put Christ first,
And then me after

The boldness you speak with
The fear that you lack
Strong enough to love me
Man enough not to hold back

Your quickness to act
And speak what is true
Your honest devotion
To the God who saved you

Your continual kindness
Your encouraging words
Have got me seeing hearts
And singing with the birds

And though I'm awful with feelings
And never say the right thing
For some reason you're sticking around
And saying you love me

I'm so undeserving
Of the man that you are
So I'll spend my days loving
And giving you my heart
I love you, Auston(:
Mary Elizabeth Jul 2014
What I want and what I say
Mary Elizabeth Jul 2014
Your body is a temple
Mine is temperamental
Little angel, don't cry
I only look like a bad guy
I won't hurt you too much
Don't shy from my touch
I have cuffs if you run
Which honestly sounds fun
Maybe a dash over there
I'll grab you back by your hair
Best obey my voice
You don't have a choice
Tiny little hands can't hurt me
Sweets, you're only five"three
Mmm, but you do look fine
I'll take those off if you don't mind
Oh you do? What a shame
Pity, pleasing you was never my aim
Pleasing me though, that's a different story
Don't refuse, I'd rather this not get gory
Sugar lips, you know what to do
Get on the bed and I'll watch you move
Don't act coy
I'm a man, not a boy
I'm ready now
Bend over, take a bow
Perfect view, stay right there
Revealing ******* with a tear
Succulent curves; I can't get enough
Push you over, fill you up
Wipe those stupid tears from your eyes
You know I'm not like other guys
I'm bigger and stronger
I can go so much longer
So shut your pretty lips
Unless you're giving me a kiss
Then open wide
I've got a surprise
Clasp my hand on your mouth
No! Don't shout!
If you're gonna scream...
Scream for me
Scream my name
Scream in pleasure, or in pain
Mary Elizabeth Jul 2014
You turn away
And I face the wall
And I wonder how we
Got here at all
My hands still miss you
But my heart says, "no"
I can't do this

Broken bottles cover the floor
You start walking to the door
Why can't I tell you to stay?
Baby please, give me one more day.

Snow's falling outside
I'm hurting my pride
As I get on my knees
And I beg you please
Baby, I don't need to act like a man
I just need to hold your hand
These are actually lyrics I wrote, but I still kinda like it as a poem.
Mary Elizabeth Jul 2014
Muscles tight
Feel so light
Floating in air
Fingers twisted in your hair
Tongue behind teeth
Dancing in sheets
Lips to lips
Hips to hips
Heart to heart
My favorite part
Hearing my name
Filling your brain
Every thought is you
Every action is, too
Never close enough
I wanna feel your love
Inside and around me
You are more than lovely.
Mary Elizabeth Jul 2014
All I hear is ringing
In my left ear, out my right

The cannibals are singing
Feasting on my flesh tonight

Blood flows past my lips
A silent outcry of what I've done

You don't know this about me, though
I've hidden it from you, Hon

All I hear is the demon
Sitting on my shoulder

What I want is for the angel
To crush the demon with a boulder

My fingers start their excursion
They trail down my sides

Slipping past my waist
Resting somewhere on my thighs

*******, I was good for so long
I tried so hard to be like you

But you're behind this one-way mirror
You're hiding from me, too

This coagulated blood is what I bring
It's all that I have to give

Maybe someday we'll find some bleach
And I'll forgive myself enough to live
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