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Aug 2014
Saw you in a picture today,
And I realized,
I ******* love you.

You've walked away,
And I'll give you time,
Because I ******* love you.

Maybe you got bored,
Or you just can't commit,
But I ******* love you.

Never needed anyone,
And definitely not now,
Still though I ******* love you.

Got all these little thoughts,
Crowed in my mind,
Screaming "I ******* love you".

**** that.

You have no control,
But you're the only one to blame,
I ******* loved you.

Soon I'll get to see you,
Once or twice a week,
I ******* loved you.

Hope you learn to regret,
This mistake,
I ******* loved you.

I meant every,
Word I said,
Like, "I ******* love you".

How can I love,
Someone drenched in betrayal?
I ******* loved you.

****, I don't know,
I guess...

It's nice to feel uneasy again.
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