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Jun 2014
Started with a bang,
Ended when you rang.
That call that night,
That gentle shove out of sight.
All is fair in love and war,
She left me looking for more.
I stole you from your past,
To only now be put in last.
She'll **** her theripist,
Until he gets ******.
And then she too will feel the crash,
Tossed aside broken in the trash.
And I can't decide how I feel,
Think about you day and night as if you're real.
Out of sight and out of mind you don't exisit,
But then why do I still crave your kiss?
How could I ever take you back,
You've erased us and cut the slack.
Nothing was wrong you just couldn't decide,
I'd love to forgive but I'd hate to lie.
You know I'll see you on the streets,
You know how much I'd love to drag you back to my sheets.
I stole you once I'll return to the scene of the crime,
I know all you want is time.
To hate is weak and to love is to be strong,
Never the less you are ******* wrong.
And I can't decide how I feel,
So I won't decide I'll just spin the wheel.
I hope you understand this more than I do.
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