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Jun 2014
O Lord, I made a mistake today
A mistake which I am ashamed of.
I would give anything to repay
those that I have done wrong against.
O Lord, today I was very selfish
I put myself first instead of others
My head is bowed, my heart is heavy
With shame against my sisters and brothers.
Dear Lord, help me to see the error of my ways
help me to put the right words forward.
Help me, oh please help me, for I am scared
in case my path turns messy and awkward.
I will think of others, before myself in future
for who am I to put myself first.
Just a lonely old soul in the darkest of depth
with hunger and a raging thirst.
A passio to do what is right
A desire to please all that I meet
A wanting to help all that I can
a need to be perfect and complete.
All that I want lord is to be loved.
All that I need Lord is the desire to fit in
therefore Lord, I am not a selfish individual
But a person with a want for the good life to begin.
Written by
cheryl love
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