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Jun 2014
There are infinite ways to begin a sentence and often we struggle to find the right words.

They say there are at least a quarter of a million words in the english dictionary; and yet when you come to my mind I only think of three.

If I had the right words to tell you all of the time. I would tell you that you and the sun become one, as you glisten and shine when you walk by.

That time goes by slower when you're not around and that there are no correct ways to measure the extent of butterflies that I accumulate.

I would say that there's a pack or aΒ Β school, a bunch, or a tonne of them but like I said -Β Β it's rare we ever find the right words.

I would tell you that the freckles on your cheeks all joined together would spell out our future children's names and that your teeth remind me of how you always bite off more than you can chew.

I would tell you that there is no me without you, but that's a lot of pressure when it comes to the way humans carry themselves and I would never wish that kind of weight on anybodies shoulders.

So while I have the right words, I want you to know that there are an infinite amount of letters in the universe, but an infinite 'I love yous' must suffice in between.

Because even though there are a quarter million words, sometimes - you only need to hear three.
Written by
bestolen  Australia
     Modern Serenity, wilting and ---
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