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wilting Nov 2014
new disney film about a little girl with arthritis and two alcoholic parents and she begs them every night to stop screaming

new disney film about a child that has a father in prison and a mother that can't make rent anymore

"when i grow up i want to be a divorce lawyer" said the four year old at recess to his friends

god's mouth gave us grenades and waterlilies

"if I buy this lipstick I'll have good *** for the first time in my life"

baby you're so much more than a Consumer Demographic to me

i'm good at bleeding

i'm good at apologizing when I'm not actually sorry
if it's sad just make it sound beautiful

is that blood gushing out of your nose or are you just happy to see me

romantic banter like "did you take your zoloft?" "did you take your lithium?"
there are no princesses here
wilting Nov 2014
make her drink wine until she loses her senses and seems to be dead

beautiful like the full moon, and the moonlight of her beauty shone forth, like the night when the moon shines in secret because of the dark

she seemed to shame the lotuses with a face more lovely than the moon. She captured the prince's heart the moment that he saw her
wilting Nov 2014
pull my ******* to the side and **** me like your little harlot
wilting Nov 2014
you pull and pry at me like an eager child with a new toy, disposing of me as quickly as the newer thing comes along
wilting Nov 2014
sext: **** me violently and don't allow me to *** until u say so
wilting Nov 2014
read me like a poem
you can't relate to
you don't understand

left with a sour taste in your mouth
hatred for wasting your precious time
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