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Jun 2014
I cannot promise that i will never hurt you
For i know there will be times when i **** up
And shatter the heart of the boy who lives in mine
I cannot promise that i will never hurt myself because
I am not strong, even with the love you pour into my soul
As much as i would love to i cannot promise
We will grow old together tangled in each other
Because we we may be to broken and scarred and
So in love that it is all so ******* perfect i can't believe it
And we both know life has a way of ******* good things up.
But here is something i will promise
Here is my vow to an impossible boy,
I will be there for you
And hold you when you cry
When you whisper the darkest
Secrets and memories that haunt
And shake your precious body
I will hold you and love you
Just listening
At three AM hugging, kissing, crying
Until our tears have dried our eyes
And even then i will be there
Because even if i cannot promise
That we will be in each others arms
Until the end of time i will swear to you:
Forever you will be an imprint on my heart,
My beautiful first love
I found this letter i wrote a long time ago. Never gave it to him, but i thought it was kind of beautiful.
Written by
Clara Oswin  USA
   Francie Lynch
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