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Jun 2014
As i sketch out the
Rough details of your face,
Pencil grasped tightly between my thumb and fingers
I find the basic outline of you
The curvatures that separates you from others
Followed tentatively by the smaller details
Blending in the shades around your upper lip
The soft hairs that line your jaws
And the thin, spider web lashes lining hazel eyes
If i dip a brush in a hue and water then
I can make you come alive on the parchment- so i do
Splashing blue to shade your neck and eyes
Yellow illuminates the bridge of your nose
And green sets your eyes on fire
I douse the reds and pinks in water
To find the perfect color for your face
And as the love flows from my soul
I see you begin to breathe in the canvas
I chose this title because when i draw i feel like my hands are propelled by energy and excitement, rather than expertise and precision
Written by
Clara Oswin  USA
   Christian Ek
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