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Jun 2014
There once lived an honest man who lived upon the greatsome Note,
For upon the words of He shall the man's life fulfillingly quote,
Had he gracefully cherished the colorless life for which he was given,
Had he conducted no sins, thus none shall he beg Him to be forgiven,
Had he neither, to a life, granted eternal sleep nor deathly soul awaken.
But indeed had upon his own unwilling life had another brutally a'taken.
What once a great soul shall upon an unknown grave shall his body lay,
Until a lively being approaches his bland deathly matress someday.

There once lived a devilish man who fiercely burned the greatsome Note,
For over the misleading words of He had the man swiftly overwrote,
Had he honestly hated the unfruitful life for which he was given,
Had he proved that both lies and sins shall a wealthly life a'riven.
Once upon a peasantly life had he unsoberly and forcefully a'taken,
For with greatsome wealthy and slying lies shall innocence sway,
To a man whose facades demonstrate greatness shall be greatly any day.

For when the devilish man whose life comes to a faithful end,
Then upon a greatsome grave will to his eternal slumber tend.
For when we learn of his ungoodly lies and deeds of the slaying of another,
A godly fellow may deem heaven to thy'st honest man and hell'st to thy other,
But when we walk beyond the graves of these very two men,
We can only wonder where in 'tis falsly world were the two sent,
Dearly do we hope to be true to the voice of He shall we to heaven a'go,
But truthfully, hath we falsely created the Heavens and even He, may it be so?

Maybe that in death shall these bodies just lay upon the unsoiled earth,
For when the life of we has finally drawn conclusion from the time at birth,
Maybe that regardless of greatness or dishonestly shall all men be'st the same,
For in death, who but the falsely beings are to judge our decaying remains,
The honest man who has lived so truthfully to the greatsome Note,
Has only prematurely met greatsome death and a grave to denote,
His truthfulness to the mighty He, that Man has conjured up the definition of,
For hath none shown his existance or hath He himself speak to us thereof,

May we just lay beneath the soils, for our soul has no greater place to seek,
For in death are we all but equals - to be slowly devoured by a diet of worms...
A poem regarding beyond death...
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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