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Sep 2011
Another Day

well another day has come and gone
and thoughts of you
still linger in my mind

it is so hard letting go
after all this time
just so hard

glances we have exchanged
sometimes angry
most times with love

we never did really
never totally understood
what it was all about

it was a about the beauty I think
the beauty of you
the beauty of life

the thought of you
will always be there
pictures of your smile ever present

I will see your face
reflecting in raindrops
as well as in my tears

I will miss your touch
if I close my eyes tightly
maybe I will feel you

I hope the dream is true
we will all meet again
in another way

the circle of life
goes on into infinity
colliding with stars

how many times
have I completed this circle
and how many more

scary stuff huh
we don't have any real clue
or do we

you seemed to have a clue
I always felt you knew something
and you wouldn't share it with me

you were tricky that way
I'm gonna miss you
I'm really gonna miss you

wow all these heavy thoughts
and know what
tomorrow when I wake up
it's just Another Day in the Circle

Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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