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May 2014
My school work has prevented
Me from being able to do
Any yoga lately
And I feel like crap

A long day of school over
Then volleyball. Piano lessons
Or voice lessons
Or a recital Or an audition or a festival
(Which I should be having fun with
But I don't because all I can think about
Is the work
I have afterwards.)
I finish late at night
Try to cram in some social medias
I go to bed wicked late.

Then no time to even be clean
Until today I swear I hadn't taken
A shower in at least 3 days

And in the morning
In so tired I can't even
Get ready on time and I'm late for school
Or miss the bus
Or have to Sprint to the bus

There's no time to do my yoga
Or anything else for that matter
Because of school
And it goes like this again
Everyday during the week...
Too much homework :-( tgif
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