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May 2014
Electrifying insides much deeper than skin
Rekindling the temple's flame that burns away perceived sin
& Shine in a new light while a new life begins

Into the pond I saw beyond
This span that exists currently
Left me then, besides dread, was the sense of urgency
Along with the notion of taking things so personally

Now's a good time for a lot more breathing
and a lot less worrying

Give me some zaps that will act as a lucid inducer
Insane synapse blasts across my tribal mind maps
Programming much faster than a supercomputer
Inside the Youniverse, past mask diffuser

Crafting within the infinite,
Based on each individual intention
Everything changes from each shift in perception

Let all the walls fall releasing the demons in the form of apprehension

You're beautiful the way you are, a floating eyedea of perfection~
Let's ride the wave, and soul-surf to glory
Splash on the canvas within each page of the story
Written by
     ---, ---, kels, Megha Chakraborty, Sari Sups and 8 others
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