May 2014
I hate you,
I hate it that I miss you,
I hate it that I don't wanna see you,
I hate it that I want to,
I want to scream when I see that your happy,
maybe its because to wreaked me,
I get sick to my stomach when someone talks about you,
Maybe its because I still love you,

I hate you,
I really do,
I want you out of my head,
I don't even talk to any of your friends,
I'm afraid they will tell me about you,
I don't want to know.

I hate you,
because you stole me from being happy,
How can I love again with out being hurt?

I hate you,
because maybe if I say it enough Ill finally stop being afraid when I see your
car model drive down the road,
maybe Ill let you go,
and move on to someone better instead of waiting around hoping you'll come around.

I hate you for what you did,
what you said,
and how you controlled me,
I feel incomplete,
but thats just what you wanted.

I hate you,
and I'm fighting the urge to call you everyday,
I hate you because I'm so in love with you and I don't want to be.

I hate you,
I'm afraid,
afraid you'll come back and take from me again,
take everything I'll ever have with out you.
Written by
Eryca  Washington
   Amanda Goodness and ilina286
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