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May 2014
A beautiful soul,
destroyed by society,
and left to die.
She was unique.
She danced to her
own music.
They chastised her,
tearing down the wall.
Her bricks were
torn from the barrier.
The barrier she created,
to keep her alive.
They destroyed it;
now she's gone.
They tied a noose for her.
They pulled the chair,
slowly hanging her,
letting her fade into the night.
The day before
she turned 15,
was the last of
her days on Earth.
She would breath no more.
Love no more.
Slice her wrists,
They no longer have
a punching bag.

Her mother let out
a shrill cry,
as she entered her
only child's
room to wake
her for school.
To send her to
the torture chamber.
The place that
gently placed
the rope around
her neck.

Three days later,
she is buried.
Six feet down,
she is put in the ground.
The murderers
gather around the grave,
crying fake,
forced tears.
They have no remorse.
They have done their damage.
A beautiful soul,
destroyed by society,
and left to die.
Tee Jay
Written by
Tee Jay
       ---, meg, Gaby Comprés, ---, Elle Kay and 8 others
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