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Elle Kay May 2014
my dying words:
i love him and he not me
Elle Kay May 2014
It seems as if I love someone new each week
Which is a little bit true.
But it's only because when I really love someone
I have to pass on through.
Otherwise I'd still be stuck on him,
The only one I love true.
Elle Kay May 2014
one of these days you'll get to class and look for me.
but you won't be concerned that I'm not there.
until our teacher behind to speak
with tears in her eyes.
and tells everyone I died.

you probably wouldn't believe it
because I've been better lately.
but then you'll realize
that I was the best at lies.
Elle Kay May 2014
Why is it confusing
To ask if you'll speak
To my face
Instead of behind it?
Elle Kay May 2014
he apologized too many times
for her to believe it again
but she does
out of love for him
she'll never get back
Elle Kay May 2014
she writes his name on cigarettes
so his name will be her dying breath
the only thought left for her tonight
is that each cigarette is a day off her life
Elle Kay Jan 2014
when you look
into a mirror
and see your own
you don't see
the tears
you don't see
the kisses
you don't see
the drinking
used as an
you don't see
the beauty
you don't see
the love
you only see
the scars
left behind
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